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TEXT TOPIC: Your Anger Got the Best of You, and You Broke Something!

My husband got mad playing video games so he threw the controller. He ended up throwing it right in his phone and his phone and controller both broke

I broke my wall with my foot

I was 5 and trying to get my mom’s attention. She had been on the phone FOREVER. I went and grabbed one of our extra soft cover Book of Mormon and ripped it. I got her attention real quick after that.

I was having an anxiety attack/nervous breakdown and threw the remote into the tv in our bedroom. Smashed the screen. Worked out because we finally got a smart tv.

I got mad at the garage door remote. It had a short, Tried to fix it. Didn't work, threw it across the yard and hit a tree and broke.

my boyfriend got so mad trying to hang a curtain rod that would not stay in the wall, he smashed our kitchen chair with the hammer lol wood everywhere

I have unloaded my dishwasher into the corner of the kitchen. Breaking everything that was glass. It felt so good.

I couldn't get my phone to answer when my daughter was calling from Alexa I slammed my phone screen on the steering wheel

2 years ago I was at work having a bad day. had a headache and I screwed up a meeting we had. And my manager was not happy. I needed to print out some copy. The printer was not working, I started kicking it and punching and pull the trays out and I ended up pushing it over.

when my husband was in school, he also worked graveyards. He is also the most chill person I''ve ever met. He got angry about something small and punched a door. He was so embarrassed he hurry and fixed it before I got home.

But then he came home and did the same thing to my iMac and still don''t have a computer. I''ve never felt so betrayed and abandoned in my life. Baby #4 born a few months later. Still trying to forgive him for leaving me and being so mean.

golfing with the BiL -last hole-hit one into the drink and threw the 7 iron in the drink right after it. I was able to pull the club out.

got so mad fighting with my husband once i went out to the garage and slammed the door and it made the collage picture frame falloff the wall and shattered. So when i came back in i had to clean that up and now there’s a bare sad spot on our wall =

months of hub leaving us to hang with friends pregnant with 4th baby. Finally went to his friend’s house since he didn’t answer phone ever felt abandoned. He answered the door and I freaked out threw his phone to the ground and said u don’t need this since u never answer. Shattered it.

When I was in high school I got into an argument with my boyfriend. I stormed out of his house, I got really frustrated and when I got in the car I threw my phone and I put a huge crack in my windshield. The crack went from one side of the windshield all the way to the other. My dad was pissed to saythe least.

My two oldest kids locked me, my baby, and toddler out of the house in the dead of summer. After about 20 to 30 minutes of tryingto get them to answer, I finally kicked my door in. =, I had to replace the whole door frame.

those damn automatic can openers! I have no feeling in hands to feel the stupid magnet grab so I always drop the can everywhere. So I ripped it outof the wall and chucked it

My son was being an ass. I took his phone out of his hand threw it and cracked the tile in our fireplace surround. Of course the phone was destroyed too

frustrated with my weed eater so I threw it on the concrete. Broke it = neighbors watched me do it

I was so angry at an ex-boyfriend one time, i was pacing around my house and saw a hammer sitting there and literally picked it up and started hammering holes right into my wall. another time i picked up his phone and threw it right at the wall, making another hole. don''t worry- we aren''t together anymore! LOL

I was frustrated because I accidentally set off my car alarm, and I was struggling with the key faub to turn it off. Without thinking, I got mad and threw the keys on the ground, and it shattered the key faub. So then I had to go hunt down all the little pieces so I could turn off the alarm and operate my vehicle. 2 years later and it''s still held together with tape.

I've had to lay to rest many Super Nintendo, PlayStation, and PlayStation 2 controllers because gosh darn it sometimes those games are just ridiculous. LOL

I got so mad once that I smashed up a whole sleeve of saltiness and threw them all over the kitchen floor. My husband walked in and looked at me likeI lost my damn mind

Got in a fight with my brother and he locked me out of the house. I got so mad I kicked the door in. Yeah...I’m a 5''3" female for perspective.

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