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TEXT TOPIC: You Lost Your Job and Lost Your Identity with it!

As a single mom my "top hat" card has always been that I was an exceptional provider and had a flourishing career. I got laid off last month and have been searching for something. My babies deserve the best and I feel like I am failing them

I job quit a job due to an extremely toxic environment. I had 8 years in and loved the work and company but the boss was unbearable. Not like me and I’m heartbroken even though I felt I had no choice for the sake of well being

My dad worked for a major hotel corporation in management and they let him go after 19 years because they could replace him with someone younger and cheaper. He was only 45. Had to rethink a whole new career.

I thought I had found my perfect job. But there is so much drama and backbiting I am now looking for something new.

my dad is a custom hand wood carver, he lost his job back in 2008 when economy crashed, he lost his 2 home''s, his vehicles and everything for his job. He hasn’t recovered since, depressed since then he isn''t the same anymore

helped a friend build a company in 2008. Worked like it was our own company pulling 14 plus hour shifts. Company finally in a strong position, the "friend" lied to me and started another company. The owner of the company we helped build brought in a new operation manager that has no experience in intermodal and let me go because "they are heading in a different direction". I wasted 12 years for a company that I thought saw me as family that replaced me in a second.

My dad worked for a company for over 35 years. When he was within a few years of retirement they got rid of his position. He was the best director of sales, all of their clients raved about him, and he won several awards. He slowly crept into a silent depression which has led to a life of sitting around the house doing nothing and early onset of Alzheimer’s

I was fired from the co and couldn't get a job for 2 years after sent me into a depression

Worked for company 24 yrs. held many different mgmt. positions over yrs. I am 60 thought I would retire from the company. Laid off Dec 2019 was devastated. After 6 months found a perfect job NO STRESS and same money as previous job. A door was definitely opened

In 2008 I went to jury duty after I had a email to go to sandy city police for questioning. My company was accusing me of stealing checks and cashing them. I proved it wasnt me. But I was fired and ppl thought it was me

Resigned from my teaching position before the school year started because I disagreed with the school boards decision to return students to classduring a pandemic. Trying to decide who I am now and what to do next.

My ex was laid off from an traveling Auditor position. Flew to the diff franchises auditing the books. Daily Peridium, work car, diamond status flying and Mr 801 pimpin at the hotels. We get it. You''re important. Hard to have a gf in every state when your grounded

I left my job at the NICU because I had done over night shifts for 3 years & it was hurting my marriage. That was almost two years ago & I've still never felt the same. That was my dream job and I know the only way I''ll get to go back is when my kids are all grown up and I''m able to spend all weekendat the hospital.

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