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TEXT TOPIC: Have you ever been butt dialed?

Just a couple years after my husband and I were married I got an early morning wake up call, on a Saturday, to our house phone & I heard my father-in-law and brother-in-law’s entire conversation talking about how awful and mean I was.

My mother in law would nit dial me at least twice a week. Until we showed her how to lock her screen. So who knows how many people she would.

I was ordering a large piece of equipment for work and called an employee at another location for his opinion of his machine. After he hung up, he immediately called back, and I heard him asking his supervisor why I was handling something like that not her. I know his opinion of me now

I butt dialed a coworker (friend) three times in one car ride in which I was singing the Momma Mia soundtrack at the top of my lungs. She kept hanging up and somehow, I kept calling back. Whoops!

My uncle called my mom about five months ago via a butt dial. Neither of them were aware this could happen, so they had a confused and at times, testy argument where each was certain the other party initiated the call.

I was butt dialed by a couple having sex. It didn't last long...if you know what I mean.

I was golfing with some buddies of mine and my wife kept calling me and I was getting frustrated. I said to my buddy’s after hanging up damn why does she keep calling me she knows it’s hard to play golf when you keep getting phone calls! 5 seconds after saying that my phone rings again I pick it up and my wife says ha-ha before you talk crap you should probably should make sure you hung up the phone LOL my wife is so awesome she apologized and we laughed about it and she quit calling

the man that I was seeing at the time butt dialed his wife while we were out on a date. She listened to the whole thing then called him and confronted him on it. I had no idea he was married. Needless to say, that was our last date.

Was going to dial into our company-wide meeting, but decided to do some catch up work instead while working from Starbucks...put my phone in my pocket, guess I hit the link to dial in...they had to cancel the meeting because they couldn’t hear with the drinks being made in the background.

Wife and I were in the middle of having sex. Heard "911 what’s your emergency?" out of no where. Realized my Apple Watch had dialed 911 mid deed! Had to stop and explain to the operator that it was an accident. #sexdial

my ex wife butt dialed me. While having sex with her drug dealer. Denied it till i played recording. Bye bye got nothing in divorce, still with him, poor homeless. Oops choose wrong. Good for me

My ex husband butt dialed me. That’s when I found out he was a drug dealer.

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