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TEXT TOPIC: What is your Passive Aggressive text?

u wanna take over the bill fine but stop spending every penny we get save it. Break ur stupid spending habits and maybe u will have more money to do things. Where is my fun money—

u want sex then stop being boring. U want me to see a therapist well news for ya, u r just boring to have sex with. Its not me, its really u

yeah i get coffee and soda for training, but its only 6 day. U get soda every day. Dont critize me for getting a few drinks when you spend way too much on maverick

I'm sorry that on google it says our dining room is open. We literally can't change it on there so don't get mad at us

How about instead of telling us what you hate about the other candidate and how everyone that likes them is stupid, just positively tell us why you love your candidate. Why cant the message be positive without all the negative.

We all get it. You''re going through a divorce and your ex is vindictive....but that doesn''t mean you have to sleep with everyone and post half naked pictures of yourself.

The carpool lane on i15 is NOT the fast lane. Get off my butt if I'm already going 5 over!!!

listen MIL I am pregnant until proven otherwise. I watched the life go in my womb. Dont be arrogant on something you have no clue on.

grow the eff up I gave you a kick ass job and you no showed on me the first day eff off Bitch

stop with the white guilt, stop posting about defunding the police. And blm. If you believe in that great your free to believe what you want. But I don''t need to you to shove your ideologies. You''re annoying Melissa.

My neighbor just moved in and they don''t have sod yet. They keep bringing their dog over early in the morning or late at night to poop in our grass. Then they don''t clean it up!! Grr... Stop! Please! Be responsible and clean up your dog''s Shiz!!

when you move away from your family, never call/text, but expect us to jump and take care of your kid because your sig other is in hospital so now you need us. Not cool. Hard to feel supportive.

Don''t post something controversial on social media and then whine and complain that people''s comments are mean spirited and hurtful . If you can''t take people having a different opinion than you, don''t post it.

time for you to move out of your parents house. You & your hubby are 40 years old with 5 kids and make good money. You''re just using my grandparents as free babysitters and spending all the money you said you would save on vacations, new cars, and clothes. Grow up and move out. You''re literally killing my grandparents. They are too old to raise your kids for you.

just because we need fertility help doesn''t mean we should not have kids! Stop being dumb and nave! There is a lot of ways to have a family

ok cell phone carrier - Give my 79 yr old mother the plan price you promised. More than twice the quote is not acceptable! Grrr

There is a reason you don't have friends. Or why nobody will talk to you in the family. Fix your attitude. Don't blame your pregnancy either

I run my business out of my home. You know this before you come. You might see a toy or my dog laying down. HEAVEN FORBID!!!! Don''t go online and bash my business online and hurting my income!

hey family, stop telling me that I''m too picky when it comes to dating. Yes I''m 30 and still single, but you have no clue what my dating experiences have been like! There is a reason why my standards are what they are.

Dear neighbor, do you have to have 11 cars at your house all the time?

you''ve been asking ''when you having another kid?'' Yet when we inform you we are fostering to adopt you say nothing. You just ask when we are having a biological child

hey husband get up and go to the gym to get your energy back I need sex! Or at least text me back when I''m At least text me back when I''m trying to sext you

Roundabouts people!! Right lane GO RIGHT!!, left lane go right OR through the roundabout. Not that effing hard.

stop saying you want to work on things when you make no effort. Sick of paying for everything if you aren't going to try.

in response to carpool lane guy. NO CARPOOL LANE IS TO MOVETRAFFIC FAST!! Effing people today.

Hey Emily, I saw your FB messages to my husband. Thanks for trying to claim I was cheating with your ex and then flirt with my husband. If you try to reach out again, I can find you and I will make you pay for being an absolutely horrible person that tried to wreck my marriage.

no the carpool lane is not a fast express go as fast as you can lane. Also respect the double lines.

your own brother keeps hurting your mom and your own children, stop defending him to avoid hurting your mom which is the one that created this monster

pedestrians of downtown Salt Lake... learn how to use the crosswalks. Crossing the street in front of oncoming traffic isn''t how it works so don''t yell at me cause I have a green light and you have a death wish, okay

to the person that wants to buy my house. If you want your realtor to get more $ you pay them don't try to take it out of my profit.

stop pulling me into your office on my way to pick up my kids school work for distance learning to tell me I''m failing as a parent. Maybe if ya''ll did YOUR jobs and gave me ANY resources to help her she wouldn''t be so far behind.

I'm ripping out the Ring doorbell cam! It's weird and stalkerish for you to still expect access to it after moving out.

to the douche canoe in the blue Tacoma who cut me off on the freeway and then slowed down in front of me, how about you chill the eff out?! Damn!

to the one who complained about a neighbor having a lot of cars. We have work cars and personal cars and our children also have work cars and personal cars. Mind your own yard !!!

Sorry not sorry you got stood up. It's called karma..

So you don''t have room in your driveway for all your vehicles and you park on the corner of the street and block our views. But you have room for a camper AND a boat.

people need to learn how to drive, don''t slam your brakes on the highway because you were too distracted and missed your exit that''s how bad accidents happen. Almost rear ended the person at 80 mph

To the girls on the softball team my husband and I sub for. I know how y''all flirt and cross every boundary with my husband when I''m not there. Giveit up. He thinks you''re ridiculous and he''s coming home to me to tell me all about it. While we''re at it. You can''t play ball. Maybe pull that fake hair into a pony tail and push your boobs back down where they belong so you can see the ball. Oh, and put the booze down.

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