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TEXT TOPIC: What is the oldest piece of technology you have in your house?

we have a working Atari 800 it's so fun to play

We have a working 8 track player, and 8 track tapes for it

my wife's family has a cabin in Idaho and every kitchen appliance is from the 70s and 80s the blender microwave stove oven to a bread maker

I have a Betamax !!still works and with a few Disney movies.

My mom has an alarm clock she has had for 30 plus years. Fm radio and all. I have my grandmas kitchen aid which is about 60 years old

Well I have a phonograph and phonograph recorder. That''s my oldest piece of tech. I have Nintendo''s, Walkman''s 8 tracks and also that car red car that rewinds your video cassettes. Haha

VHS player. And it works, we watch Our wedding video every year

The oldest piece of technology I still use is my Kenwood stereo! It's over 30 years old! Still use dual tape player! And, it still cranks out the tunes!

Phonograph and singer push peddle sewing machine.

i moved and found a Sony walkman and Sony discman

the oldest technology that I have is a cassette player and a CD player.

tons of stuff but the one that is the coolest is a big original Atari

portable 8 track player.

have my great great great Grandmas turn table and radio.

1976 Mickey Mouse phone

old computer with floppy disk and 2 ataris

We have a cassette Walkman

still my have old Dinsey Record Player for Children that would do the read-along books.

have a few floppy disks, that have information I never wanted to throw away. Not sure what all ever do with them!

have an old vinyl covered am/fm tradio from the early 60s. Prior to that my oven in my home was original from 1962. Oh and tell frankie i have an old Collecovision

working Nintendo 64 my grandkids love playing it

have an old apple computer that takes floppy disk. Green screen no color

Vita-mix thats older than me and im 41yrs old still works like a champ

vhs nintendo my dad's old ass surround system with all the different speakers that don't go to it but still works

Sanyo stereo from the 80's

Not my house but my grandma has an old record player with the "horn"

oldest tech would be the microwave... turn the knob hit the cook button... if u didn't hit cook it would never cook your food just sit n run like it was

have my mom's old hand crank Victrola record player! It still works...most of the time.

Pentax camera from the 60's

We had a Sega Dreamcast! Loved playing Sonic on that thing

maybe I missed it, but didn''t hear anyone say they had a Gameboy. I got one of those and a Gameboy color as well which I though was so cool back in the day. Still play Tetris on it sometimes.

Original Atari, original Nintendo, VHS (I have no idea what to do with them)and a 1960''s Turn table with speakers included. It''s the size of a sofaya''ll!!!

The oldest piece of technology is an Nintendo NES

We have a ZCR, 2 super nintendos, a game boy color. Coolest though is this box camera from like the 40s.

have an ice cream churner from the 60's that still works. Not sure if that counts as a tech item though.

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