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TEXT TOPIC: Are you estranged from your mom or dad right now?

I am estranged from my mom she has been cheating on my stepdad for 6+ years and has serious drinking problems--- I am also estranged from my dad he moved to Mesquite with his girlfriend and we rarely talk anymore he never sees his grandchildren or asks about them. Breaks my heart.

I haven''t talked to my dad for 2 years, since he didn''t show up to my wedding that was my breaking point. He favors my half sis and step bro more. #evilstepmom

I came out to my very Mormon father as a Psychic Medium, and he said he Forbid me from doing it because I don''t hold the priesthood. But I had to do what I was meant to do despite losing my relationship with him.

My mom a year and a half ago admitted on a phone conversation that the rude things she had done to me were intentional and she was trying to hurt my feelings. Haven''t talked to her in 2 years and it''s been amazing. So freeing

My brother is estranged from my whole family because my sister in law attacked my parents. She recently was arrested for domestic abuse against my brother as well

estranged from the bio dad he chose drugs & drinking over my sister & I. Check once a year for an obit. Found IG page where he tells ppl how great his kids are & he is as a parent. not even if god came down himself to help him. Been 18 years

haven''t spoken to my mom in almost two years. She is psycho! We have never had a mom/daughter relationship and I''m better off without her in my life. Much happier!!

my Mom and I used to be so close, unfortunately it was all because of alcohol, I ended up going through a "rough" patch. My mom decided it would bea great idea to write a statement against me in court. THE FLAT OUT HORRIBLE LIES she put in it. Example: she witnessed my husband and I selling pounds of cocaine out of our house. To this day I have never received a real apology!? It''s been 5years. Im completely fine with having NO relationship with her

haven''t seen my dad in almost 5 years. My parents fought constantly when I grew up and there were instances of spousal abuse. I was in graduate school living in their house with my wife and 2 kids when my mom had a restraining order put on him for safety reasons. My dad thinks I planned getting him out of the house with my mom. He wants nothing to do with my family. He still sees my sister and her family and even takes her kids Christmas gifts. My wife and I had nothing to do with his divorce

we''re on outs with both of our dads. Different reasons but now as far as our kids are concerned, they only really have one grandparent because my mom passed before we had kids.

hubby estranged from dad due to issues with stepmom. I don''t talk to my dad because he was basically non existent in my life as a kid so I don''t want a relationship with him now.

Haven''t spoke to my dad for a year. We used to speak a few times a week. He drives truck for a living, but when it comes to coming to visit us.He won''t come because it may storm. I am over it

It''s been 5 years since I''ve cut my womb donor out of my life. I''m 31 now, and life is so much better since I cut her out. She''s a drunk and an alcoholic and I was her personal punching bag my whole life. So was verbally and physically abusive to me until I cut her out of my life.

mom, thanks to your emotional manipulation, constant victim mentality, shopping and hoarding addiction you''ve yet again put your kids in a terrible position. You''re about to find out you''ve been reported to the state for elder abuse, it''s the only choice left to try to stop you from slowly killing our dad with your lack of care.

don't have a close relationship with my mom ever since she met her new bf forgot about me my bro and sis

My mom said she should have had an abortion if adopted me out when I brought up my childhood. My stepdad was a drunk and verbally abusive.

Stepdad gave me epilepsy due to stress from his drinking & anger Real dad can't see other points of view and says my downfall with be my opinions

Hubby estranged from his mom. She's a drug addict and thief. Not something we want or need around us or our kids

estranged from my dad for 7 years. He was emotionally, physically, sexual abuse to all his kids. He committed suicide 2 weeks ago. It's been brutal.

estranged from both my parents and siblings, 3+ yrs. We live 4 blocks away Started with my son running away 2weeks before his 18th they were in Michigan visiting family and I didn''t call and tell them! Like what were they going to do that I wasn''t. They came home ran my name thru the dirt with everyone. Son came home left again after 18 now he lives with them, such a long story!!

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