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I'm 6 months seizure free!!!!

Great news! At least to me lol haven’t been able to drive my SRT4 for the past couple weeks.. finally got it running right and I’m back behind the wheels with a smile ear to ear!

My incredible almost family members, Andie and Rick are at the hospital right now about to have their first excited for them!

I am 33 and I decided to go back to school for my bachelors in business and I have a 4.0 right now never had one in my life and I just aced my first real college essay I’m so stoked I was so worried about it

Please wish your loyal fan and my Darling Daughter, VALERIE GARCIA from Johnstown, CO a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY from her MADRE from Mesquite!

Good news for me... over the weekend I became Mrs West Jordan and I will compete in the Mrs Utah America pageant! I'm so excited

my wife and I are expecting our first child and it's crunch time he can arrive any day now and we are so excited for our little boy to arrive

My 15 yo niece Kenadi from North Logan will be on the America's Got Talent finale tomorrow night.

my hubby and I celebrated our 14th anniversary on Sunday. Went to Anniversary Inn in Logan.

just got married!

Me and my little seka picked out our pitt bull puppy yesterday. Bring him home in a few weeks.

went to see the house we are building and they got quite a bit done on it. Just a few more weeks and we will move into our dream home. Can''t wait to be out of the MIL''s house!!

just started my career today working from home! Can''t be more excited, finally got away from the sweat shop lifestyle and looking forward to what the future holds!

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