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TEXT TOPIC: Do you know someone who hit their head and it changed them?

I'm on my way to see a neuropsychologist because I got a concussion 1 1/2 yrs ago from car crash. Dealing w/ Post Concussion Syndrome. I Changed over time!---Mood changes, memory loss, anxiety, depressed, always irritated, can't sleep

A friend I knew in high school got in a severe accident, resulting with the loss of their memory of everything. They''d see pictures and recognize themself, but remember nothing.

I was involved in a really bad accident in Saratoga 5 years ago . Ang was diagnosed with tbi- traumatic brain injury " Apparently I had a concussion for a week which I do not remember - people say I was there but nobody was home. There are things I still don''t remember in the past but I remember being an angry person and now I don''t get any hardly ever I''ve mended so many lost relationships after cause I was nicer and I don''t remember why we faught anyways lol

I have vestibular migraines and I have a lot of memory loss sometimes its ppl I forgot mostly just things

My brother was in a dirt bike accident 2 years ago. He suffered a TBI, he had both a subdural and epidural hematoma, he also had a major midline shift. I was the first one to the hospital and the social worker told me it is really bad. He only had 20 minutes to get into surgery. He is now about 90%, and he lives every day like its his last. It has made me want to wrap in bubble wrap. Its also made me more afraid of just every day events than I ever was before. I think I have more ptsd than be does. He is a huge inspiration. The doctors are mind-blown by his outcome.

aunt fell in the yard, hit her head and had an aneurism. She was in ICU. After operating her demeanor/personality changed to a mean person. She was always super compassionate and now she''s always mad

Got ran over by a micro bus when I was two years old. My parents both thought the other one grabbed me and I decided to hit the road on my tricycle.They had to scrub asphalt out of the back of my arms and I had a hematoma the size of a baseball on my forehead

Bro's friend dirt bike accident @ 16. Was wearing helmet, in hospital for months. Never the same, stunted his brain growth; been 16 yrs old since, now 33.

passed out at a Juice place and hit my head on the tile in the lobby. Had a mild seizure when I hit the floor. Can''t remember things now. I have lists for days on bills, tasks. Sucks

on the podcast My Favorite Murder they talk about famous murderers and most the time they find that they had a severe head bump/ injury earlier in life. Scary.

3 concussions in 4 years. 1 rolled a rzr, hit my head into the ground. 2 dirt bike slide out, hit my head. Each concussion things got worse. Anger issues, major anxiety, suicidal, couldn''t leave my house. Brain rehab clinic in Orem saved my life!!

my coworkers husband was in an accident just over a year ago. She talks to me at work now about how mean he is but she feels like she can''t leave because she would feel bad if something like this happened to her and he were to leave her.

My nephew fell off a jungle gym at school and was never the same. Went from happy kid to sever depression. He said everything in his head was dark and negative. Sis-in-law tried everything to get help for him. After multiple attempts he committed suicide at 20.

little brother has had 8 documented concussion due to rugby his moods now are so up and down he has gone as far angry that he had punched the wall

Hubs got in a longboarding accident in 2010. Given a 99% of death. Had to have skull removed cuz brain swelled 2.5 times normal size. Had to relearn everything, but is doing great now. We just had a baby.

cousin TBI in car accident. Bed ridden, led to a ton of other injuries due to not being able to function. Couldnt move, communicate, eat. Never recovered&passed away after 3yrs.

neighbors growing up got in a bad car wreck they both changed dramatically they basically changed places one really smart and the other had learning problems

this was 20 yrs ago but my 2 yr old son ran from me and fell down a flight of cement stairs, hit his head and he went from my sweet little boy to an aggressive angry kid. It was a night and day difference. He is 22 now and still has anger issues. He is in a special needs group home due to it.

my husband was in a coma for almost a month and has acquired brain injury. Completely changed him.

went through the windshield when I was around 16 when I had a seizure while driving. I''m 28 now and ever since that day I have memories but the chronological order of when the memory happened is blurred. I also occasionally feel the sense of tremors as if a small earthquake is happening.

got assaulted back on 2010, got hit in the head with a gun for a $15 purse >&< &@ I''ve had memory loss, my brain freezes when I''m trying to concentrate, my anger got worse and I Just don''t feel like myself anymore

my son was in the tornado in Riverdale in 2016. Picked up and thrown. TBI, that has led to PTSD, memory loss, and dissociative disorder. Changed his whole life.

Was hit (and run) on the freeway at 90+ miles an hour. Traumatic brain injury, severe concussion. To this day I have memory problems. Happened probably 5 years ago. Thank god for bystanders who helped me.

had a sleepover with some friends at 14 at a friends house. Was in tumbling at the time; did a backflip on a tramp and over rotated and slammed my head on the bar went inside fell over and slept for 14 hours on the couch. No one thought to not let me fall asleep. I have never been the same; more anxiety, memory issues are the worst thing affected. Finding happiness seems to be harder than it was. 33 now but have always felt that the change was at this moment

My sister was hit by a car 15 Ya, she was 14 at the time, she had really bad head injury. We always joke that the accident changed her, but im sure it did

Played football at a high level till I was 26. I was a linebacker and have had 13 concussions. Definitely taken a toll on my life in too many ways to explain... severe depression, anxiety, anger, eating etc

had a friend fall down the stairs, she hurt her head really bad protecting her kid. She became mean aggressive and blames her kid for her issues and treats him very bad.

My daughter was a cheerleader. Got a TBI from injuries of people falling on her. Was on brain rest for 6 weeks. Missed school, no screen time etc. Her entire personality changed & became super emotional. Went through physical, neurological, & went to a therapist for a year. Still has terrible headaches daily after 4 years

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