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TEXT TOPIC: Do you have some group chat drama?

Group text drama: We have a neighborhood group text with over 80 people in it. Everyone keeps wishing INDIVIDUALS "happy birthday" on the GT. Smh. There are birthdays like everyday. Its caused drama with the bday texters and the non bday texters. It''s the WORST.

Dad's in a chat with his dad and sibs. Gpa sends passive aggressive texts meant for one person.

Work for the state/law enforcement and co worker was complaining about the protests/overtime/COVID in group text and sent us the quarantine sites for people with COVID (top secret). Left that group chat fast as I am not going to have that backlash if they were to get in trouble.

used to have family text to coordinate family functions. I would end in tears from a sister in laws that would never be accommodating even after we would move things all around for them. Got to the point I stopped planning things with my family anymore due to unwillingness to compromise. Stinks not able to have a say in who your brothers chose to marry. The girls always go do stuff with their families. :(

we have a cousins group chat and individuals will start having a conversation between two people that has nothing to do with the rest of us. I passive aggressively send memes and gifs begging them to take the convo offline. Hasn''t work yet.

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