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TEXT TOPIC: Who is the vague booker?

my sister is the vague booker/passive aggressive person. She always posts things "calling" people out but when everyone asks who she’s taking about she says "they know" lol

My husbands mother and sisters. They will write things like "this year just keeps getting worse for our family. When will it end" . Or "could use your prayers". Never explaining or answer questions as to what’s wrong. If it’s not that then it’s passive aggressive quotes. They thrive off everyone asking what’s wrong or how they need help. I have muted them all because I can’t take it.

my sister is a constant vague booker. Minimum quota 2 a day. Sometimes up to 7 a day. Drives me nuts.

I am the vague booker but not to get sympathy from people i do it to stir the pot with people who are annoying me

I have a friend of mine who does this and then gets mad when people ask her what's going on it makes me so infuriated!

my neighbor Facebook all the time . Her life is full of drama that she never wants to do anything to make it better.

My MIL & SIL are the queens of vaguebooking. I ve stopped following them years ago because I can t take it anymore. Love you all- Kendra from CO

my friend vaguebooks. She has done it for years. After everyone called her out she purged her friend. I got cut! Yes! She recently added me back. Looking through history she still does it, only now, her reduced friends don''t comment or ask in her posts

There was this high school friend I had on Facebook and he always posted "pray for me I have court" when it was for minor thing that isn''t jail sentence never knew for what but the last time he posted that the person replied it was for not wearing a seat belt after that I said to myself "bruh" then proceeded to delete him

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