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TEXT TOPIC: Do you have an awkward celebrity run in story?

I got to meet Eve at a private event in Las Vegas. I told her how much I loved her high heels shoes, and she rolled her eyes at me and walked away. Lol

got to meet Jeff Hornacek and ALL the 96'' Jazz team so excited! Walked up to Hornacek and said "OMG YOU''RE HORNY!" Both our faces turned red all the team started laughing and he said yea I ran!

You should dig up the old interview between AJ and Miley Cyrus when he called her, "Baby-Cakes" right on the air!

I was in park city for Sunday one year and saw will smith. I was walking towards him and knew it was my chance to get a picture,say hi, etc. I got close to him and said "heeeeeeelllloooooo" (think mrs doubtfire) and he just politely smiled and nodded and continued walking

got turned around in nyc. Just finished watching a broadway play I was on a back street and tried to ask someone for directions. He turned around and it was Daniel Radcliffe. He turned around and ran away

Got to see Jimmy Fallon live. He did an audience Q&A after the show. He called on me to ask a question, I panicked and asked him where he likes to ski. So dumb! My friends still tease me about it. Still love Jimmy. He was so kind and warm to the audience. Super nice guy.

my friend and I were little girls around 10 years old and we saw Wilford Brimley at a horse show. We went over and asked for his autograph and he said "No" very rudely. Just made it very awkward because we were so young so then we didn''t know what to say. Awkward silence until my friends mom pushed us forward to walk away

I ran into Jim Belushi at a bowling alley years ago he was in Utah filming something and it was past closing time and I wanted his autograph but all I had was a dollar bill so I handed him a sharpie and he asked "what is your name?" And I said "it''s Collin with two L''s," he sighed it and gave it back to me and it said "To Carllos, Jim Belushi". I was the whitest teenager too.

I waited YEARS to meet the band Pierce the veil and while they were so sweet and so kind and not awkward at all to me the only word I could mutter out the entire time was a very quiet hi. I still regret it to this day. Like really? That''s all I could say?!

was working at a local restaurant in Salt Lake City and Marie Osmond came up to ask me as the hostess where the bathroom was it was a little awkward!

my embarrassing celebrity meet. I went to wendover to see boyz ii men. Ran into sean stockman and said I''m so drunk. He said hi so drunk I''m sean.Sigh... They are my husband''s

I had a photo op with Amy Jo Johnson and I didn't know what to say, I said hi awkwardly and took a great picture :)

meet Gilles Marini at park city during sundance and all i could say was i loved your tv show. kicking myself to this day.

I worked 4 airline paul Walker --I accidentally hit him in the Balls with his own skis

Vegas interaction with Robin Williams. Boyfriend wanted a pic. He grabbed my boob when he put his arm around me for the pose. Awkward.

Marie osmond came I to my work... I asked her a question about the stadium of fire. She went on a long rant of how ungrateful utah is. Guess I touched a nerve

The Hoff was using UNLV s fine arts building to rehearse for a show. I was wearing my Germany sweater. He came out gloating how he loves Germany and they love him. I just said cool... didn t know it was The Hoff and I was just sitting there thinking who is this dbag? Then he went back in to rehearse. Someone saw that and told me that was The Hoff! Did you know that? I didn''t believe it. But when he came back out I realized it was and asked for a picture.

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