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TEXT TOPIC: A post came up in your timehop that made you cringe?!

I posted pictures of awful little accidents like big open wounds and stitches and giant road rashes from motorcycle accidents and crap like that.

I''m 2 1/2 years sober and anything that pops up on my fb from more than 2 years ago absolutely makes my skin crawl. It makes me grateful I''m sober, I don''t know who I was haha

my cringeworthy posts are the capital letters every other letter and all my Jersey shore posts haha

most of my time hop posts were stupid comments or vague booking and makes me want to go back in time and kick myself in the junk.

Used 2 b the BIGGEST victim! All I did was complain about life, but didn't do anything about it until 2014. So embarrassed about how I used to act!

I was a single mom back in '12 and I would post asking people if they would help watch my kids. Lawdy. Not proud.

when I was 11 I got a FB. Account and I posted "YO YO YO WAT UP MY PEEPS!"

used to type in 3rd person "sarahs bored" "sarah wants tacos" it's bad enough that my posts are stupid but worse its in third person!

my friends and I used to film "parodies" of our favorite movies and post them to YouTube. We made my mom follow us around with a camera for 30 minutes to film our version of twilight.

my high school duck face

Every single facebook status from over five years ago makes me cringe. I used to post about every little thing I was doing, or things like "kids eat free at IKEA today!"

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