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TEXT TOPIC: Who owes you an apology or do you owe someone an apology?

my former employer owes me an apology for doing me dirty all because I do worker lied and they didn't get the facts till it was too late

I think my brother owes me an apology for calling me a nazi since I do not support trump and asked him to take down a trump flag on our parents home. (That we both live in!)

my big brother (only sibling) was a complete ASS to me my entire life (I''m 33 now) we recently started a relationship again. He "found Jesus" forgave our mother, which is a miracle! He told me that he hated me and would tell people you didn''t have any siblings but now he loves me... Where''s my apology?

I owe my wife an apology for having an emotional affair and don't know how to do it.

A family member owes me an apology for not making it to my wedding. But they were able to go to another wedding a few months before?!

My mom owns me multiple apologies. I decided to get a divorce, I have two girls, and she told me the first week my ex and I we separated that if I thought I was going to get my girls, she was documenting everything. She now denies sayin that

sis owes us siblings apology, we havent spoken in 2+ yrs. she cheated on husband, it was very calculated, we found her fake social medias used to talk to her boyfriend. She denied everything, still does even though she left hubby for bf

Young unhealthy & become the mistress of a guy. Now that I'm older and married I truly would love to apologize to his now ex wife

My ex bestie owes my many apologies. She always blamed me for things I never did. Or claimed I hurt her. She put me in a financial rut and still hasn''t even attempted to pay me back or very minimal apologize for it

my ex owes me apology. He left me but acts like i am the person who is the person who ruined the marriage and im The one who have our 3 kids all the time and he doesn''t support them.

When I was a young kid, I witness my mother throw one of our pet cats into our outdoor dog run and the dogs mauled it it to death. As an adult, she spoke about the incident to me but played it off like I was the one that did it. To this day it upsets me.

my ex husband's wife owes me an apology for blasting me on FB will all complete lies. My ex knows the truth but she turned it 180.

My ex husband owes me (and our two daughters) an apology for giving up on our marriage to mess around with some floozie 14 years his junior. That lasted 3 months. Hope it was worth it!

I owe my roommates wife an apology. I fell for him while they were on a break, they''ve been having major problems lately. he had chosen to go back to her and I slept with him anyways. They are still together and she has no idea

Want an apology from dad. Was perpetually angry and told us we were disgraces to the family. Now he's surprised sibs and him aren't close.

I owe a couple girls from elementary/jr high a huge apology. I bullied them badly. 1 girl peed her pants in shop class. I got everyone to come mock her. I feel such shame/guilt over it. I was painfully insecure & wanted people to like me. I went about that in a very wrong immature way. It hurts my heart even 20+ yrs later.

my mom owes me an apology for calling DCFS out of spite because I called her out on her drug use

I feel I deserve an apology from my ex-wife. She had multiple affairs never apologized for any of it, only made excuses for her behavior.

my sister owes me a huge apology for telling my mom & other sister I was having an affair on my hubby, then she went and slept with my lover. We are not speaking. AT ALL.

a friend owes me apology for loaning her a lot of money and ghosting me. My hubby for letting his kids treat me like crap, dont know if we'll make it.

Old bestie owes me an apology. It was just over one day with no explanation. Made problems at work. Hey, your welcome for that gorgeous wedding dress.

My dad is a con man and owes everyone he's ever met an apology. Meanest and most selfish person I've ever known. He should also pay my therapy bills.

I had an affair with a married man. I wish I could say sorry to his wife. I wish I could take it back. They did get back together & Im so happy for them.

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