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TEXT TOPIC: Cringiest thing you've seen a bride and groom do at a wedding?

At my moms friends wedding the groom in his speech to his wife said "i didn't get the woman I wanted but I got the woman I needed"

the bride did a keg stand after she said I do!

my uncle (55) is getting re-married and him and his new bride make out in stores, on my moms couch, etc in front of her son (12). I can only imagine what the wedding will be like

At my cousins wedding he cried so hysterically when the bride walked down the aisle that he passed out. He was literally hyperventilating! #DRAMAKING

at a wedding reception that was held at a beautiful hotel. The couple left and came back wearing a onesie both of them. They were spending the night at the hotel. A lot of people left after that. Total buzz kill and cringe worthy

Went to a wedding with my friend and the bride and groom were both an hour and a half late. Also, forgot to get their marriage license. The groom was also a creep towards the bridesmaids, kept hitting on them. He hadn''t met them before the wedding I guess.

my married brother in law slept with my maid of honor in the parking lot of my reception

posing for pictures and the groom dropped bride right on her back. Groom also forgot the license and had to drive 3 hrs one way in the snow to get it from his house

What's wrong with keg stands?? Lol my whole wedding party and family all posed for keg stands. Grandpa even did one. Sent pictures on Facebook

my best friends sister was bawling like a baby at my friends wedding, and then announced she was engaged after the ceremony taking all of the attention off my friend

Went to a wedding when I was 11. The mother of the groom dressed in all white, even had a small like train to dress and sparkled more then the bride.I asked my grandma if she was the bride. I was so confused.

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