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TEXT TOPIC: Who pushed you because they saw your potential?

My high school choir teacher. She scared the crap out of me, still does. I don't think I would have finished college w/o that fear of disappointing her.

Tammy Smith, Coach Sloan''s (RIP) wife was my first boss. She busted my tail about work expectations. Great first job. I learned work ethics and values I still use this day. 36 years later.

The person who was hard on me was my boy Nipsey Hussle. He could tell I was meant for more than what I was doing back in Cali. Now I''m Utah doing better . Rip Nip!

My football coach back in high school would get on me after every little mistake I made and constantly nagging me in practice, I thought he was picking on me because no one else was getting that treatment I later realized it was because he saw the potential I had and I wasn''t pushing myself to my full potential. I realized it after he told me I had the skills and ability to be an Allstate player

former boss, constantly had me in tears until finally she said, you''re too talented to just be taking orders and that''s what you''re doing. You''re better than that

I thought my baseball coach hated me. Bingham High school coach Rand Rasmussen, who recently passed away of cancer. I got mad at him and asked why he hated me and he said, "if I didn''t care for you I wouldn''t bother you" It was an eye opener. What a wonderful man

I had a ballet teacher that was so critical of me & id go home & cry after class. But as I grew older and a better dancer I knew why she was like that

I trained at the figure skating Olympic training center. I had a coach that told me exactly how it was. I thought she was tough but looking back I respect her so much bc I trusted when she said something was good and knew she was right bc she wouldn''t say it if it wasn''t. I''m now a coach and have a very similar style. On the flip side, while every other skater had VERY involved parents, criticizing them, yelling etc... my parents never came, never cared and I learned how to be 100% self motivated. Grateful for both.

Graduated in a degree that would push me in the direction of the spy industry. Worked with an A.F. Colonel for the last year of school year and everyday was a green room training (situation room). Had him belittle/harass/make fun of me every day and it was TOUGH. Nothing is hard now and he said it was tough on him too

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