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TEXT TOPIC: What do you want to admit?

i can't stand my students this year in my class. I'm a 3rd grade teacher

I get cash back at the grocery store so I can stop at McDonald's without my wife knowing about it.

I enjoy a small devils lettuce wrap every once in a while if you know what I mean lol no one knows well y'all do now

I admit I am struggling in my relationship and I dont know what I am going to do

I love smokin the weed. I make great money have a wonderful job no one knows! #potheadwithcareer

I cant stand work this year they keep switching up to where the hospital we are working at is a mess and behind schedule and everyone gets yelled at

I've been happily living in a committed polyamorous or three-way relationship for over 6 years

I am in sales, had a baby don't want to go back to work. Boss is a thief, liar and extremely manipulating looking for new job

I''m a big girl (350 lbs) and struggle losing weight, no matter what I do My husband has lost a LOT of weight, and looks great, but I can''t be happy for him because of how jealous I am. I''m a horrible person!

love my kid, but wouldn't choose motherhood if I had a do over

religious family, but they just think I have a gambling problem with my frequent wendover trips. There's a legal dispensary there

I am pregnant for the 4 time and I admit I HATE being pregnant. This isn''t something I feel like I can be open about because of how many deal with infertility. Love my babies, hate being pregnant

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