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TEXT TOPIC: What embarassing thing happened on a date?

went on a date and I'm so clumsy I dropped my napkin and hit my head straight on the table and I yelled balls! And my date spit out his water

on a date, I came out of the bathroom with a huge, long string of toilet paper stuck to my shoe. I had no idea until he pointed it out

on our second date my boyfriend (of 6 years now) embarrassed me when his drink went down the wrong tube and wouldn''t stop choking and then spilt his drink everywhere

went to state fair with his family, new to dating. Got motion sick really bad. We all drove together. His mom, dad, sister, BIL, stuck in back row of car, told bf felt like I was gonna be sick.....well I was. All over their car, I mean all over

While saying goodnight I lifted my hand, I talk with my hands I guess, and at the same time he turned. I full on slapped him. I felt so bad.

A girl was over and I was in the shower I came out got dressed went downstairs and my bro yanked down my shorts and undies in front of her well hello

at The end of the date, I thought I had locked my keys in the car. Nope. I left my car running the entire time.

went to a high school dance right after I had knee surgery so I was on crutches. I tried to do the dramatic "walk down the stairs" when my date got there, totally slipped and fell down like five stairs with a loud thud while I tried to catch myself

was on a first date with now wife 20 yrs ago meeting MY parents sitting around and dad farted right by her head I thought she would never talk to me again I''m lucky lol

He picked me up, paid for the entry to go dancing, had a good time, and took me home. When I was about to get out of his car I said "thanks for the fun date!" He replied "oh that wasn''t a date! I have a girlfriend." Same situation has happened TWICE for me! So embarrassing

10 years ago I was in Ceder City date After dinner I started to feel a little off We were in the girls dorm and I felt my dinner come back up. ended up projectile vomiting all over the upper kitchen cabinets sink and window deathly embarrassing

had a date get a bloody nose while we were making out

First date with a new co-worker. He refused to wear shoes. Offered to take me out for ice cream. Took me to McD's and went inside WITH NO SHOES.

In high school 15 years ago. Went in a date bowling. Was helping her bowl. So I can be close to her and arms around her. And giving her advice how to bowl. Talking out my ass. Come to find out her and her family are bowlers and she even went on to win a division 1 national bowling championships in college. But she let me do all those stupid things

We were up on the mountain with a group snowmobiling for my Father''s bday. The instructor said "let''s have a moment of silence for nature" FART!!! My father is deaf as can be and did not hear him say that, so we all heard nature loud and clear. I was crying laughing. My father still to this day doesn''t know that we heard that

7 years ago went to this guys house he handed me a beer then asked me about the tattoo on my wrist with open beer in hand I turned my wrist to show it and poured beer all over his floor. Later while watching a movie (not scary) I jumped and poured water all over both of us and his couch. We have been just friends ever since

was dating my wife and was laying down on the floor watching her queening videos with her mom. She hopped up to get a drink and pretended to step on my stomach and I said I could hold her weight. She came back and I flexed my stomach and let the loudest fart ever!

was with my crush at a park. It was that time of the month. I said let's go down the slide. He got this funny look on his face and said I have to leave. When I got home I realized I was red from my waistband to my knees

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