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TEXT TOPIC: Confessions in Professions: Real Estate

I used to be a realtor in California for 15 years. Scheduled a showing with a client back in the mid 2000s. I walked into a house, tv cameras, a whole crew of people walking around. It was a to catch a predator house... set up. I met Chris Hansen

my husband is a realtor, I went with him to a showing bc after were going to dinner. We walked into the house before his clients arrived to turn on lights and all, there was another realtor with his mistress doing the good stuff haha. Very awkward

had cleared a time with the seller to be out of the house for a showing. The seller forgot to set an alarm and overslept. I heard him run out of his bedroom, and yelled, Realtor! as a heads up. Once he realized what was happening he ran back into his room, but it was just enough time for me and the buyers to get a 360view of him wearing only his slippers.

I arrived to show a home with my clients and knocked on the door to ensure no one was home. I double knocked just to be sure. As I unlocked the door and opened it I immediately saw a guy sitting on the couch in only his underwear with a giant "smoking tool" in between his legs and the room filled with smoke. He looked very surprised, and I shut the door. I told my clients we should see the yard 1st. A couple of minutes later he came out and said we could go in and apologized profusely. It was definitely something I will never forget!

Happened to my best friend a few years ago. She met a potential client at his house he was looking to sell. When they got to the basement however,he exposed himself and asked her to give him a BJ. She took off like a bat out of Hell.

found a squatter in RP. I carry my conceals. -I announced who I was an that I'm carrying-please announce yourselves. squatter just got up and left

showed a house that was foreclosed, the people trashed it before they left, not unusual. But they also drew a mural of penises on the wall, some with hair, some clean shaven, some with balls, some without. Any kind of wiener you can think of was there in magic marker on the wall.

Doing an appraisal and walked around the back of the house where the pool was and there were 2 girls sunbathing in the nude. They knew I was there but didn''t care.

we were told by renters that it's rude to walk through a house someone is living in. The house was up for sale...

Another California story I have as a realtor. I was doing another showing. The house was a new build just showing potential build on then house. The more was meth equipment and a couple hand guns in the kitchen area.

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