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TEXT TOPIC: What is weirdest thing you've seen your roommate do?

I had a roommate that would collect his urine in Gatorade bottles and then transfer it into milk jugs. When he moved out we made him dispose of it. so gross

When I was going to school in Provo, I had a roommate that kidnapped the swan the lived in the small pond at our apartment complex. She kept it in her bathtub for almost a week before another roommate called animal control to come get it.

My roommate had photos framed of HERSELF. The biggest one hung above her bed

i came home to this girl I roomed with picking Cheetos out of a bag with her toes and putting them in her mouth. I am brutally honest and just said "what the hell is wrong with you?" I moved out.

had a roommate that would not spend less than 30 minutes in the bathroom. And he would not use less than one roll of toilet paper every time he pooped. We''re talking the thick stuff Sharman ultra

had a roommate that would rearrange her room in the middle of the night once a week no joke!

caught my college roommate wearing my underwear! But they were inside out... as if that makes it better?!?

Our roommate would be too lazy to get up and go to the bathroom in the middle of the night so he''d pee in 2-liter soda bottles. Then he''d hide them in his closet due to embarrassment.

roommate would eat a spoonful of mayo plain with nothing else

friend''s story: her roommate used live cobras to bite her legs and poison her. She finally caught him with the cobra in his hands after having it bite her.

Came home to my roommate butt naked standing on my bed sage-ing my bedroom and chanting

my son's mission companion picks his leg hairs and eats them! He sent us a video of him doing this (without him knowing, of course) IT'S SO DISTCUSTING!!

roommate would sit on my stuff examples would be piggy bank, shoes when mad

My old roommate (all of us female) kept bugs in our freezer.

had a roommate that NEVER flushed the toilet because she wanted to save money. She also thought her dad was a closet millionaire cuz of how frugal he was

roommate not hygienic. Horrible smell in our room. I looked under bed and her bloddy menstrual underwear were under there. Had been there at least a week and she couldn''t smell anything. So gross

my roommate hangs his underwear from the ceiling, and this is for Real I wish I could some how prove it but his reasoning is that ghosts leave you alone if you are comfortable with them. So he shows his underwear to them by hanging them.

Old roommate never washed his towel! It stained the wall!

My male college roommates NEVER changed their sheets. Those white sheets were black at the end of the year. Nasty

Rented a room at my house. Garage was off boundaries. Had an older roommate about late 50''s that one day came in through the doggy door in the garage, watch him on the camera. I confronted him about it later and he denied it

my roommate gal stole my bfs razor out of my BR and used it and I found it in her BR behind her tampons.

My roommate would go "shopping" at her prepper parents house. She'd bring home expired food all the time. Not like barely expired but decades expired!

had a roommate that would buy the baby soft foot peel which allows your feet to shed the dead skin. She would peel the dead skin off of her feet inevery room in the house and leave piles of her skin everywhere. I would always have to remind her that she needed to go clean her foot skin off of the kitchen table so that I can make our freaking dinner. It was the most disgusting thing ever!

my roommate would rub the extra foundation on the wall. So in our white bathroom there was a nasty orange stain where she would run her extra make up on. So gross.

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