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TEXT TOPIC: Do you know annoying parents?

most of my sister in laws parent like this. They just sit and yell at their kids or make other people parent their kids for them because they are too lazy to get up and do it himself.

I have had to distance myself from a friend of almost 15 years because when our kids hang out...she is yelling at hers all the time, drives me nuts and my kids have said they’re nervous she’s going to yell at them, too. She has temper tantrums toward her kids and have broken their personal property numerous times during these.

I can’t stand the way my boyfriend and his baby mama parent their daughter. Little does he know it is ending our relationship...not looking forward to this weekend

I nanny for a family who doesn''t discipline. I once put the child in time out after giving him many warnings and the father came and took him out of timeout...

my ex sister in law is a friend and not a mother to her two teenagers and has allowed them to drop out of school.

My Sister! Her kids tear up our house when they visit. She will just sit on the couch and let them run wild. 1 time the youngest fell down the stairs with a bunch of toys and broke a mirror. She looks over says softly, "be careful"

My sister in law doesn't parent and her daughter is out of control.

relatives of mine are free range parents...ugh =D What''s worse is that they''re also swingers now, and so whenever I''m there the kids are running around wild and one of them or maybe both are distracted by their exploits.

My brother is the parent we don''t want to be around. They wouldn''t let anyone hold the kid as an infant and now as a toddler they spend the whole time complaining about their clingy child.

Aunt NEVER said no. Literally. Even to his requests for breast feeding... until he was 9. He ran that house 100%. Got car at 13 cuz he wanted one

been around parents that will sit & argue about who''s turn it is to change a poopy diaper for half an hour until I can''t stand the smell any more & end up changing THEIR kid.

I won''t go out to eat with my bro in law''s family. Their kids run around the restaurant annoy everyone around, talk loudly. I will tell them to sit down and they do but then I''m the bad guy!

My brother and sister in law are completely oblivious that their monsters are unbearable at times. They have given other people permission to spank their kids and over parent ours. We uninvited their kids to parties before and told them to chill out parenting ours. Awful! Who does that?!

Neither parent actually parents daughter, 4 yo. Screams, hits, stomps, yells @ mom & dad. Both parents giggle & encourage each other 2 laugh about behavior.

my sister and her husband are so critical and harsh on their 3 kids the extended family no longer includes them in anything. We''ve tried intervening and it makes it worse for the kids

friend smothers her toddler. It's obnoxious. The child has never slept in their crib. Still sleeps with mom.

my sister-in-law. Her son screams constantly and is a nightmare. She thinks it's funny and they don't discipline him.

I can't stand the way my mother in law parents. It's all threats and yelling with her. I feel bad my husband had to grow up around that

X-friends daughter started killing animals, and blamed it on the dad that she's rarely around. No self-awareness, and blames everyone. By Felicia.

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