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TEXT TOPIC: What funny thing happened on Zoom?

manager doing zoom meeting from home multiple ppl at work in meeting about dealing with adversity dog starts barking please hold, comes back we hear stfu moms in a meeting. It echos of the walls she nicely asks to reschedule and gets off zoom

during our company zoom meeting one of the employees attempted to cover her camera and started to smoke some pot. She didn''t know the paper she used to cover the lens fell and we saw everything >#no one said anything. I feel like a random drug test is in her future

I was listening in to a zoom of a team I manage so I was listening on my phone and i yelled at my kid without being on mute. "my job isn’t to entertain you! Go watch tv!"

co-worker was so annoyed during a zoom call, she put herself on mute, pointed a finger gun at her head and started swearing. Must of forgot she was still on video.

on our teams meeting we all had our cameras off and right when the call was about to end our bosses camera turned on and she was not wearing a shirt.... let’s just say we all will never look At her the same LOL

my boyfriend was on a zoom call in our kitchen. I needed to leave but didn’t want to be seen on zoom. So I crawled thru kitchen to our door. Everyone chimed in with why is your wife crawling on the floor.

During my first meeting back to school with my students my daughter spit up all over herself and then I and then proceeded to have a massive blowout I had to excuse myself to go clean up her and I

my mom was on a zoom meeting with the whole county. My dad didn''t know and was walking around behind her on camera in his underwear. Left the room,came back and grabbed my moms boobs and said "I''m back." All caught on camera.

My Vp didn't know they were on camera and was flexing in the mirror and picking their butt and smelling it

during my morning meeting I was working in a different screen and my husband came up in the doorway without his shirt on because he was working out and so my whole team saw my shirtless husband. He just said if you guys worked out you could look like this too.

during a zoom meeting, a very high up person in our organization must have thought their camera was off but it WASNT and he was DIGGING up in his nose CONTINUOUSLY! And he ATE all the gold he found!!!!!!

My kids we''re acting out during my work zoom meeting. I thought my mic was off and was cursing them out saying a bunch of swear words and my manager waited till i was done to say they heard it all

last week was conducting a zoom interview and at the end the interviewee didn''t disconnect and knew she bombed the Interview said shiz balls! So we disconnected and reviewed in a separate call

We were having a zoom class and some dude logged on, started moaning...showed his genitals and spread his cheeks to show us his butthole...

On a Zoom meeting with just a handful of people my cat brought in a LIVE BIRD! We had to cut the meeting short so I could get the bird out of the house.

training at new company, my camera is off and I start making a video for my friends of the others in the training and making comments about how hot they are. Later realized my MIC WAS NOT MUTTED! Lol

during a zoom meeting a co worker was doing his zoom in the living room. His tv was on but silent. He had some pictures on the wall and it was reflecting the tv. Home boy had porn on. And boy it girl on girl action

I'm HR and on a call with Ops Leaders. My wife was sharing space and totally belches in the middle of my call

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