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TEXT TOPIC: Did you get ghosted? Did someone ghost you?

I was ghosted by a former best friend not once, not twice, but three times. The 3rd time was the last time. I feel like it ultimately was because of differences in political views. And looking back now, she was using me.

ghosted a guy to date someone else. About a year later we reconnected then he ghosted me after we slept together. #ouch

Online dating since 2006, constant ghosting on both sides. As a woman, never know how guy going 2 react if honest about no longer interested. Safer 2 ghost.

I've been ghosted twice, and I've only ghosted someone once, from what I deducted. Simply because she was soooo clingy and borderline crazy.

Someone I''ve considered a best friend for over 25 years, total, suddenly ghosted me when I first got married over 5 years ago. Phone call, texting, no reply. Yet in social media he''s constantly posting stuff.

I ve been ghosted by many people. The most memorable one is by a man who looked like Kevin Bacon. I wish I knew what I was doing to run them off haha.

I ghosted a guy after a date where he was at my house and was planning on sleeping over. Never invited him.

I ghosted and ditched a date at the movie theatre. Her BO was so bad so I went to the bathroom and never came back. Never talked to her again.

my best friend of 20 years. After I found out I was sick she ghosted me. She would still talk to my family and I would still see her family. They would ask why we weren''t talking and I didn''t know why.

I had just given birth to our baby girl when my husband said he was going to the gas station to get a Dr Pepper. He asked me if I wanted anything and I said no. He never ever came back and I''ve never seen him again. About 20 minutes after he left I realize there was something wrong and then realized he had taken all the cash out of my purse, stolen my debit card and stole my car. AND! It was our two-year-old daughter''s birthday the very next day.

I ghosted nicest guy ever. Still feel bad to this day. Truly was just a situation of me not being ready to be in a relationship. But he was so sweet and I was too chicken shit to tell him that.

one of my best friends, fellow army wife stationed where I was, our families were family, she was there for the birth of my daughter, we were so close and she just stopped talking to me. If I showed up where she was (which happened a lot since we had the same friends and lived on post together) she would leave out a back door or act like she didn''t see me and would walk away. It was so painful, and I kept wondering what was wrong with me

I was hanging out with this guy for a few weeks and met his family and everything. We kissed he told me he didn''t want me to see anyone else the next day he went on family vacation and I never heard from him again

ghosted my sisters ex that was like a brother to me. I told him I was getting a divorce and the conversation turned sexual & weird. Sucks I knew he since I was super young

I bought a turbo from a friend a couple months ago from a friend. I paid $100 to the girlfriend of said friend and never received my turbo or my money back to this day! They both ghosted me for $100. Never expected this from this friend or his girlfriend

got ghosted once by one of my ex boyfriend''s. I thought everything was going good. We had dated for 8 months and then one night we were supposed to go out and he ended not showing up and ghosted me in the end

I was ghosted by my wife. She left me a letter explaining why she had to leave and left to South America. She''s from Brazil. This was 3 years ago. I have been trying to track her down cause I felt she was in danger

had a daughter with my boyfriend at the time during the pregnancy we were on and off but always in close contact. When my daughter was 2 weeks old he was visiting us and things were good he went to leave and said he would be back next week. He didn''t contact me again for 16 years! I called and left messages with his family even sent a letter and no response!---update! After 16 years he sent a letter saying he realized what a mistake he''d made he thought he could forget about us and move on but was never able to - never had a real relationship or other children finally after lots of therapy wanted to apologize and meet his daughter. I was happily married and my husband is an amazing father to my daughter. My biggest fear is that he would ghost her. He hasn''t completely but still isn''t great with communication and commitment

I totally ghosted my 5 year relationship. We got engaged, I came home to Utah to visit from California, met some guy (now my husband) and never went back. Never returned phone calls or texts. He must of been like WTH!!!!!

my best friend and maid of honor. We did everything together. The day I told her I was pregnant was the last time she ever spoke to me. She acted excited for me to my face but ghosted me after. No reason given. Broke my heart.

took a girl I was seeing to a concert, spent a couple hundred dollars on her, after the concert I never heard from her again.

dated a guy for a couple of months, he was gonna pick me up from the airport from a work trip, he texted me before I boarded, then nothing. He never showed up and didn''t hear from him again. Until 6 months later, he apologized said he was just scared, we are married now lol

My son was ghosted by a major company after 3 job interviews (2 call-backs to meet managers). When he called to follow up, the person was always busy and never called back. 3 interviews. How hard to just say "you didn''t get the job"?

Family members who I am very close with have not talked to me and hubby. When the pandemic started we decided we would isolate. We still are. They are not social distancing or wear mask. We don''t want to take the risk. I have 4 friends that have passed from COVID-19. I''m sad about how our relationship has changed.

I just got ghosted this past weekend. We''ve been texting, talking and even FaceTiming for the last 2 months. She lives in Henderson, NV and was going to come down. Haven''t heard from her since Friday. Won''t answer me back!

I have to say, if you''re getting ghosted by more than one person, there is obviously something you may not be aware of that you''re doing. That being said, ghosting is an a-hole thing to do. What happened to maturity?

Got engaged to a guy right before Christmas, he went to his parents home for Christmas which was out of state and I never heard from him after he got back till months later when he said he didn''t want to be engaged anymore after months of trying to get a hold of him

ghosted a great girl. We had dated for about four or five months and things were great. We still weren''t exclusive since our busy schedules kept us apart a few days at a time, so it was slow. All of a sudden, it came crashing down on me that I had nothing to offer and ghosted her. Will forever regret it.

I ghosted my best friend of 15 years due to the fact they were still friends and supporting my ex roommate who was an alcoholic & narcissist who tried to meddle in my relationship. I explain how I felt betrayed and she said I was guilt tripping her and that said person did nothing wrong to her. I stopped texting & removed myself from social media and removed her from my Amazon. I said what I needed to and she had no consideration for my feelings.

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