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TEXT TOPIC: Stories that make your jaw drop!

While their kids are on a mission, parents I know open a credit account in their name and rack up $20-30K of cc debt and fail to make payments-Double damage

While my dad was dying and my brother was dying of cancer my nephew would steal money from my brother's mattress while he was lying there in hospice care. And then when my father passed away he and my sister went in and ransacked the house and took whatever they wanted.

They made a big batch of it in a jar and just put "pink lemonade" on it. It wasn't u til the kids said it tasted funny that the parents knew

My grandfather was on hospice so a few of my aunts went to Disneyland on his dime. he passed away a few days after while they were in Florida

My bio dad stole 1.8 million from his dying mom. I got none. His new wife’s kids got new cars. Then his sibling sued him

High school boys took flowers from cemetery and made boutonnieres for themselves for a school dance. Box elder county

Friends husband passed away, we set up a gofundme to help with expenses, but she used all the money for spray tans, to get her hair and nails done, buy new clothes. So embarrassing that our friends/family donated & that's how she spent it

Well I have a similar story well about the dead. My uncle past away from cancer and his loser son used his social to open credit cards and also buy a house. The worst part, he had used is sons social. He''s now locked up for fraud.

My bridesmaids mixed up the drinks we had for guests so the pink lemonade (for non drinkers) ended up having champagne in it and all the kids were drinking it.

At a really nice restaurant I watched my MIL eat most of her meal then pull one of her OWN hairs from her head, put it on her plate and then yell atthe waiter and demand her meal be free, which they gave it to her along with a free dessert. I was MORTIFIED!

I have a friend in high school who would take flowers from a cemetery before high school dances to give to his date so he didn t have to buy flowers.

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