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TEXT TOPIC: Someone Borrowed Something and Got it Back Broken

Neighbor borrowed fence stretcher kept it. Son asked for it back 6 mo later guy yelled at son gave 1/2 back and put rest in neighbors barn. WTH

On the other side- when my son was teething he chewed a chunk out of my parents car dashboard but anyone realized while sitting and waiting in the car for my dad in a dr''s appt. I felt SO bad and offered to pay for it in payments but thankfully my parents said it was ok and they''d figure it out. Theystill haven''t fixed it. Could use that $1000 win! Lol

Let the hubby's bf use our hot tub since he had a bad back and he dumped a pitcher of margaritas in it. Brought multiple jets and never repaid us or fix it

My sister-in-law borrowed three of my carefully curated apothecary jars for her daughter''s birthday. She ended up breaking all of them by leaving himin her car for months!

I have a family member who borrows stuff & just doesn't return it. They don't ruin it, just doesn't return it at all!!

My brother in law would always borrow movies from us and I would never get them back. I finally would ask and he would bring them back scratched ashell! Needless stay I stopped letting him take my movies

Buddy of mine borrowed my fairly new motorcycle trailer. When he was backing into a place he jackknifed and bent the fender damaged it pretty badly. Dropped it off when I wasn''t home and didn''t say anything. I called him up to ask him what happened and he said oh yeah I didn''t think it was a big deal because it''s just a trailer! D move!

My sister & her son at different times borrowed items & returned them broken without saying anything. When I discovered they were broken & asked them about them, they both said they were already broken. Done, I don''t plan anymore.

Lent a leaf blower to neighbor. It was one that blowed and sheds leafs. When he brought it back, it was broken. He admitted to breaking. I must of given him the dead stare that he showed up a few days later with a new one. I didn''t end up taking it because I felt so guilty for being angry when he broke it.

My son left a new skateboard at his friend house after a sleepover and weeks after we went to his house to pick it up and the whole skateboard was destroyed. They didn''t even apologized or have him money to get a new one

Bro-in-law borrowed a house, lawn mower, tools, whatever he needed at the moment and it ALWAYS comes back broken. Mid-life loser.

I saw this thing online where when you lend stuff to people, take a picture of them holding it as some kind of collateral

Lent my car to a friend. He totalled it & never did anything to make amends

In college the transmission went out in my car one morning so I had to borrow my moms car to get to work that day. On the way home I got in a four car pileup and totaled it. We both ended up getting new cars that week.

I have a 1 ton dump truck my neighbor borrowed it to get mulch he brought it back parked it didn''t say anything the next day I went out to use it andit wouldn''t start right it was sputtering I took it to the shop and they said it's been overheated not his fault it overheated but he drove it hot and ruined the motor. I told him yeah the trucks not running right it got overheated and he said oh shoot that's too bad not owning up to thing

I gave my sister in law my humidifier to borrow for her son when he was sick and it wasn't until I asked for it back that she told me he had brokenit. The one she replaced it with doesn't[KG1] work as good and I ended up buying myself a new one. Lesson learned.

I let my buddy borrow my car for a night and brought it back the next day the radio didn't work. Thanks Brad!

Someone borrowed my car with a full tank then returned it on empty. It wasn't damaged but come on.

Anytime my husband’s nephew comes over he ends up breaking something in our home. The parents/grandparent just laugh at him and act as if it''s no''s called respect and discipline people! Not your home but act like it is.

We lent some good friends our tent trailer to go camping and when it was returned there was a crack on the back. They did not say a word to us but their young four-year-old in conversation mentioned that they bumped a tree with the trailer. To this day they ve never told us about it.

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