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TEXT TOPIC: Is your family divided over politics or the virus?

We used to both be liberal democrats. Not anymore. Everything is a conspiracy to him and he thinks only Trump can save us. I absolutely hate Trump so am hoping he loses or we will likely get divorced.

My uncle passed away a couple months ago. Some of our family members wore masks to the funeral which was held outside, with only 20 or so people. Some heated words were exchanged about mask wearing between family members. Now grudges are being held.

our family is divided 1/2 politically and morally, religiously. It's taken a big toll on us, some refuse to join family activities of BLANK will be there

went and visited my parents in a different state while I was furloughed. We have very different views on mask wearing - they are anti so it would always just be me wearing a mask in the store with the family. Different political views as well. We know just not to talk about those things when we''re together!

in laws have made comments about how the pandemic was a Chinese hoax and something intentionally released in the US. They kinda followed guidelines because of their jobs but not strongly. They all just tested positive last week for it.

Grandma with cancer got covid. This really divided the family.. some think she went to the hospital because of cancer and others are terrified of covid. People got blamed for giving her covid. She was kept at the hospital just because she was "high risk" she is all better now but the divide is still there and it''s getting more political. They call each other radical lefts and rights it''s ridiculous

This is a touchy subject with my family. I don''t affiliate with. any side. I hate how Politics has become more of a pissing contest than for the people. My family are Republicans so because I''m no proclaimed republican they jab comments at me every gathering we have.

My sister hasn't spoken to us in over a month because she asked who we're voting for & didn't like our answer, she blocked us from all social media

My ridiculous in-laws are convinced covid-19 is a political stunt to take attention away from the election and think covid-19 will magically disappear after the election. People in our immediate family are high risk so weather the pandemic is "real" or not get real people its not political

My kids are half black. I support Black Lives Matter and I''ve left the church. I come from a very religious and conservative family. I try to see both sides and be respectful. But my oldest brother accused me of being a radical extremist even though I''m an Independent. He said he doesn''t have any respect for me. Now my other siblings have started fighting over whether or not I should be able to voice my views.

most family thinks COVID is purely political, my husband has been on the safety train from day 1. It's caused some problems between him and his mom

I am a lesbian raised in a republican Mormon family and 99% of my family support Trump, don''t believe in wearing masks & don''t believe in BLM... I''mexact opposite & family get together are tough.

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