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TEXT TOPIC: Back to School and Coronavirus

Our kids are distance learning and it's been a nightmare trying to get the live stream to work.

It’s a combo of state/health guidelines as well as the HIPPA privacy rules. So, we can't disclose who tests positive. Only that a "student" has tested positive. Guidelines say that any student who was within 6 feet of that "student" for more than 15 mins will be asked to quarantine.

I have 10+ students on quarantine. Elementary. 1 positive. We weren't allowed to tell all parents in class that there is a positive. That's hard for me to understand.

My son’s friend is on quarantine until the 10th. Nebo school district.

I am a teacher at an elementary school, and though none of my students have tested positive, I have already had several who have had to be quarantined because of family stuff. I teach in person with some kids online, and we’re seeing that the online part of our class is becoming a revolving door with kids going online and back. This is tough - teachers are struggling.

Salem Hills High = 1 positive case by day 3. About 30 kids quarantined. They are all back today.

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