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TEXT TOPIC: Are you dealing with a health issue in private?

5 years ago I was diagnosed with Epilepsy and my husband, bestie and mother in law we''re the only ones that knew for a long time. I was afraid of who would not want to be around me because I might spazz out. Had seizures for 3 years before diagnosed but didn''t know that''s what they were and didn''t tell anyone

I have MS and no one but a few people know and I plan on keeping it that way because I don't want to be looked at differently or like I can't do things.

Had to be medicated for Post Partum Depression after my second child. My family doesn''t know because they were too preoccupied with my sister and her anxiety/depression

My husband just had a stroke, has heart disease, diabetes, neuropathy, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and a mass on his thyroid. Besides family no one knows and he''s only 56. I''m a caregiver at too young of an age.

nobody but my wife knows that I am on testosterone injections I was always sick and always tired till I got it checked and it was lower than what an80-year-old man should''ve been I''m 33 men need to get their testosterone checked it is changed everything

What people, not even my husband, knows is I have thought about taking my life because of the infertility struggles. In couseling.

I've secretly been dealing with PTSD for a year after waking up during surgery. I still teach everyday. Haven't missed a day and no one knows

Over the span of 12 years I had 8 miscarriages. I''m incredibly close to my family & have great friends but nobody knew the dire depression I was suffering. I had my miracle baby 3 years ago & now I have extreme anxiety that I deal with on my own bcuz I''m so used to losing my babies I worry something will happen to her even though she''s healthy and happy. Thanks Jess for not being silent about PCOS.

since I have had my gallbladder out eating really any kind of food or certain drinks make me so sick to my stomach and makes me suffer from severe bowel problems for a good few hours. I always map out where bathrooms are and carry anti diarrhea pills due to this. Only my immediate family knows of my issue because it is so embarrassing it has been so bad I have pooped my pants in public a couple of times. Doctors don''t know why I have this problem

My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant with our second child for a year we''re on our third round of fertility and we''ve kept it a secret from absolutely everyone. It''s just a rough subject for the both of us to talk about so we''d rather not tell anyone.

I've been battling dealing with anorexia and Bulimia on and off for 14 yrs and definitely effects my mental health especially now with Covid19

hemochromatosis: it''s caused liver damage, and has effected my pituitary gland. My hormones were wrecked as a 30 yr old male. Really no one knows. Have to get blood removed every week or two weeks And have to do testosterone shots.

my husband has cancer we found out in June Surgery scheduled for this year

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