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TEXT TOPIC: What is your Passive Aggressive text?

If you can't help pay 10bucks to pitch in for a campsite then don't go it's not like you help cook or clean. Stay in Vegas

P.A.T. If you see unfinished work, help out ! I don't need to baby you! You're a grown ass man. Who raised you? Every week. It's not your 1st day.

Listen Karen , you do not have to fix my brain.. racism IS REAL and my kids and I do experience it. Just because you say you’ve NEVER seen it doesn’t mean I haven’t experienced it

West Jordan drivers - slow down! Stop going 10 or 20 miles over the limits! Also, runners - please learn to use the sidewalks. They're there for a reason

Hey lady who plans our deliveries quit trying to throw us under the bus for your stupid shortcuts

I don't want to share my child with you! You are shiz and need to quit getting arrested

Hey coworker! Your not the boss stop acting like it and telling everyone that you have to do our managers job when he is gone. Deflate your big head

I'm an african american and my manager is sometimes clueless and she gave me a toy monkey saying it reminds me of her. I want to tell her that''s notokay but i has to calm down before cause it did kind of make me angry

To the idiot in the white Chevy truck I am not standing in the middle of the street with a stop sign for my health its to cross kids so f-ing stop you asshat

To certain people..just because you see something online doesn't make it true. The fake information you're sharing does more harm than good. Plz fact check

Nice you finally see you never cared about me or what we had. Maybe I can move on now. #dontquityourmeds

Dear little sister congrats on getting a job, now can you please f*in keep it for once! Me confronting our dad made him finally put his foot down and realize he was doing the same crapp to a son but would let it bypasses for his daughters

Hubbys: just because the wives are SAHMs doesn't mean you can't ever help with the kids. Wake up, offer. Great way to get sex.

Dude, quit pretending you want your kids and when it''s your weekend you pick fights with them just to return them. Grow up and parent instead of saying you''re afraid when they just are defending themselves from you.

I love it when customers come up and ask hey are you working hard or hardly working. Ha Ha I've never heard that one before

To the a holes who stole the plates my husband's motorcycle karmas going get you bad I hate people

People need to stop unloading passengers in the middle of a lane at the airport... pull up and walk the extra ten feet

You put your hands on me on front of the family knowing I wouldn't do anything but there will be a day I catch you alone

When you borrowed my lawnmower it worked, after you returned it it doesn''t work. You act like nothing happened but you broke my mower. Thanks for proving that no good deed goes unpunished!

I can't wait to tell you I'm out. No one else does what I do and you're going to be in a world of hurt!

We've been married 7 years and when we are intimate I have to ask for everything and by this time in our relationship it should be second nature by now. I feel I''m walking around egg shells around you. I always respected you and you treat me like this.

Listen lady, you''re supposed to allow every other car to go through the drive thru no matter when you pull in. When you''re speeding up in a nonexistent space to get in front of me because "you were there first" you look like a psycho. It''s fine though, I can wait thirty seconds since your time is clearly more important than everyone else''s.

To that a hole in the white Honda speeding thru the school zone. You almost hit me and my daughter while we crossed. I got your license plate you jerk. People stop speeding on school zones. Kids need to be careful as well.

Leadership oh you want us to brief don''t change our charts without notice and don''t spoon feed us on what we should say. That''s what a dry run is for. Also, letting us know late Friday, when half of our team is off, about a Monday morning brief at 8am is frustrating!!! Next time brief it yourselves!

Why are people so afraid of the left turn!?!

Hey mother in law, no we''re not going to MX to see you this x-mas. Why would I want to spend money to go where I''m not wanted! I hope you enjoyed ignoring me and making me feel like I''m not part of your family. Saying you don''t see my messages because you''re watching videos on FB is BS!

Diana hunny...please...take a break from falling in love for the 20th time this year and give that vajayjay time to air out from the last love of your life

Thanks Rebecca for getting a great guy at work to quit when you stand in back and do nothing, you're so lazy

I work Retail. My district manager expects us to hit impossible numbers and pull customers out of our butts.

Don't say u don't have $$ 4 food or bills, then ask me what u should get pierced next or where 2 go on vaca

You can't make up for the last 6 years of our daughter's life in the next 30 days before you deploy. Good riddance

Lane in between lanes is not a driving lane, don't drive along side of me! Stop and get in. Yellow lines on both sides!!! What the hell!

Turn off your high beams while driving. It's blinding for everyone and if you have them in because one of your headlights is out GET IT FIXED!!!

if you come into a small gym for the tenants of a building you don't bring your own boom box to blast loudly. People and their manners!

Roundabouts!!! Every other car not blow through! Jerks

dear co worker if you can afford chew and red bull everyday then you can afford body wash and deodorant! #takeashowerbro

Amen to the sidewalk comment. Not just runners, walkers too. There are sidewalks on both sides of my street and they are never used. Middle of the road seems to work best.

don''t try to be my boss now that I gave my 2wks, care about what I do or don''t do! And now what to learn the parts of my job you don''t know how to do!!!! Good luck when I''m done on Friday

Mary, wake up and get off the drugs! You haven''t seen your children in 6 months. You can''t get this precious time back and you are causing permanent damage to their young psyches. It''s sad and pathetic.

Im 28 and bald. Why the crap does Frankie get a full head of sexy silver hair and I can't even keep a single hair on my head? Friggin Frankie. Lol

I will never be good enough for you. I was the first in the family to go to college, followed every thing you want, have a great job (manager) andI am a failure bcuz I''m not married

why lie to me when I know you opened your mouth again? I gave you an out even though I know you're the only person I told! You're out! Friendship over.

I wish my in laws didn't have to tag along on every vacation. We can never have a trip just our little family

To all the angry cyclist with a tiny seat up their rear-we can''t hear u very well when you''re behind us on a trail or path, especially when you''re coming up fast. Stop getting mad when we don''t jump out of your way. Besides, you need to learn the rules of the road-you''re supposed to yield to usu A holes!

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