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TEXT TOPIC: What are you addicted to right now?

I'm addicted to eating and sleeping

I'm addicted to monster energy drinks

I am a recovering sex addict. No I''m not a pervert or a predator. My wife is the only person that knows. I don''t want to tell anyone because people are so judgmental about sex addiction, but pretty accepting of drug addiction.

hostess has put out these birthday cake surprise cupcakes I cannot get enough of 6 every single day right now and have for the past month

I've been addicted to opiates for twenty years but I've got almost 9 months now! Thankful for my recovery everyday!

my spouse has a porn addiction that we are in recovery from for almost two years! It's been hard but so beautiful for us to go through together.

Money! It's hard because I go into debt a lot. Working on trying to better myself and not have such impulsive buying.

addicted to green tea frappes from Starbucks. Everyday sometimes twice. 5.68$ a day. = 3500$ a year. Been five years

I''m addicted to watching girl on girl porn only. I won''t watch any other type. I watch It every day I start my morning watching. And yes I just watched right before texting you. I''m trying stop cause I me better then this.

I''m not being a smart ass when I say that I''m addicted to Starbucks. I spend around $30-60 a day there. If I don''t go, I feel uncomfortable in my skin until I go. I wish I could stop is like those govt assassin movies, I go and don''t really know why. My family doesn''t know.

I''m addicted to pain pills. I partially blame my doctors. Im prescribed 10 high dosage of pills PER DAY. I run out in 2 weeks due addiction. I have had to buy them off the street. After 10 year addiction, I spent almost $80,000 on pills off the street. It''s amazing to think of what I could buy with that money

my phone. Too much. Always on it for everything!

my addiction is Pepsi. Pretty sure its my blood type at this point. I've tried to quit several times and I can't get passed the headaches

My husband is addicted to fast food. It''s really sad, we paid a lot of money for a personal trainer and the second that he said he could have fast food "every now and again", BAM it was over. He gained all of the weight back and then some. He''s diabetic and high blood pressure and can''t stop.

I'm realized I'm addicted to Facebook. I hate it! The negativity is awful and I still find myself looking at it any chance I get.

I''m addictive to Darigold Strawberry [ milk! Buy it at winco 25 bottles at a time

I'm addicted to hot chips. I eat 3-4 large bags a day. Tried to stop multiple times but I can't! Causing lots of weight gain

recovering porn addict...for a little over a week. I told my girl about it for the 1st time last week and instead of being mad she's helping me through it

addicted to Chapstick 's. I have to have it with me everywhere. I put it on all day long.

Addicted to food, binging and starving. Found Overeaters Anonymous this year and it''s literally saved my life. It''s for ALL food compulsions and eating disorders.

can't get enough pens. I have over 500 and that's just the ones in the house. I have more in my storage unit. Then I have refills for all of them.

I've been addicted to alcohol for more than half my life. I've gone through periods of being sober currently I am in a program where I'm trying to get help

this topic has made me realize I am addicted to being the best and the first to do something. Once it''s cool I don''t want to do it or have it anymore. I think it may be I like the compliments and praise. Eye opening.

hey boss hearing ''I have been meaning to bring this issue up for a few months now'' in a meeting about me asking for a raise doesn''t exactly make me feel good about your management''s skills, if I''m doing something wrong tell me at the start, not months later as an excuse to not give me a raise

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