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TEXT TOPIC: Are you having a hard time getting over your ex?

I just can''t get over this guy that come in out of my life. And I have to see his new boyfriend every day at work. Makes it so hard to come to work some days

my Ex left me a month ago.....I''m so lost....trying therapy but it''s not working cause of the video appointments. I look forward to you guys every morning. It helps.

had an ex of 6 years, my now husband made me cut it off completely one day, never got the closure I needed. One time I was held and raped, I text my ex for help, he never came. I called him w/out my husband calling for closure, my ex didn''t give 2 effs, I hung up and that was the closure I needed to know he never cared. Love my husband even more after that call

can''t get over my ex - i actually have two ex''s i can''t seem to let go of! one we broke up in february, the other we broke up last november.. i am an attention seeker and HATE being alone. but i''m also shy and introverted so i hate meeting new people. the worst of both sides!

50+ female divorced 6 yrs. Hard to move on, but I don t want to be w/ my ex either. He ruined me 4 all men.

My ex is still continually on my mind. We were so perfect with each other. But with the wedge of her Dad against it. Setting her up with his choices and forcing hey to go on these dates took a toll on her mentally and eventually on us. It''s been 15 years but I''m left to wonder how it could have been. It feels like unfinished art.

My 10 year marriage ended 2 years ago and I''m definitely doing better, but picking up and dropping off the kids at what was once my dream house thatI raised my babies in is like ripping off the scab every time. And seeing another woman now living there is a gut punch.

I got out of a narcissistic relationship and met my ex one month later we were together for a year he was the best guy I''ve ever met would do anything for me and I let him go cause I was not ready emotionally Can I lost him he moved on and I think about him everyday

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