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TEXT TOPIC: Tell Us What is Going On That's Good??

Something good is today is my husband Mario's birthday and I am definitely grateful he was born because he is the best thing in my life

Put my house for sale Saturday. Less than 24 hours later sold it for 10k more than asking!

I close on my selling my house today and we will be walking away with a nice chunk of change

Thought we were done having kids. Someone else thought not! Baby number three in the way!

You read my text on the air a few months ago on passive aggressive Tuesday, when I was calling out my mom for telling everyone about our miscarriages and fertility testing. Well good news! We are pregnant! I am nine weeks along and we got to see the heartbeat last week. We''ve never made it to that point in the pregnancy so it was magical.

My little guy has his first day of preschool today in the childcare center at the high school I teach at

After searching for months so I could leave my poor paying job, I just found out that I got a the job I had been hoping for and the pay is more than I had planned on :)

Good news! A few months back, I submitted about some feelings my boss and I had between each other. We’re still going strong 5 months now! Also, been building a Crx since early may and it’s about to go get tuned and get back on the road!

My mom (who worked with me my husband and my aunt!!) retired on Friday!! 31 years!! Well done ma!!

I get to hear from my son that went to basic training for the navy

I told my job I needed a raise or I was gone and I definitely got one. Even being the newest driver I''m now the highest paid driver there. They told me I’m probably the best driver they have ever had! So I got a raise of an additional 25K annually!

Getting ready to go into kidney surgery to donate to my brother so he can get healthy it's on Thursday

my granddaughter is two weeks old today. She is the light our family needed.

My 10-month-old has been in the burn unit ICU for the past three weeks And is finally home. We are so glad to have our family all together again.

Driving in our new car from Utah to NC to move my mil friend out here. 70 hours round trip with husband, my mil, 3 year old and 2 year old.

I'm going on vacation this week!!! Mama needs a break.

getting a German Shepherd puppy! My husband and I cannot get pregnant so we went for a different type of baby. A fur one!

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