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TEXT TOPIC: Have you gotten into it with your in-laws?

My in-laws were visiting and my FIL tried to discipline my then 4 y.o. son, I stepped in because I felt it was way too much, and my FIL started screaming at me and spitting in my face!

My mom used to read all the mommy blogs, and would kind of shame my sister and I about how we're not as good as we should be

Whenever my ex's parents disagree with my decisions with my kids, I remind them that I lived with their child for 20 years and know the direct result of their parenting choices.

I'll tell ya why parents are like that. They are WAY different grandparents than they are parents. My parents forgot how they were and they are much softer grandparents. They would do the same thing when we were kids!!

my MIL turns around the car seat early without our permission and she knows she's not supposed to. Got in a car accident and didn't tell us!

My mom all the time & w/everything. Her & my kids are very close & I'm blessed, but has rly ruined our relationship. Constantly makes me feel I do everything wrong.

I had a convo with my parents about how I won’t give my daughter a smart phone when she is older. They basically told me that my plans aren't realistic and I''ll change my mind. With all that's happening their minds are the ones that have changed

I argue with my MIL about weather my children need to be spanked more... even "beaten" nope!! Not going to happen!!

My parents have never been great with their finances. So I encourage my children to save a small portion of whatever money they get, but my mom makes me look like the bad guy and tells him that he should spend every dime he has.

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