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TEXT TOPIC: Did You Pass Up a Financial Investment?

My dad passed up being employee number 20 at a little startup company back in the 80s called...Apple!

My friends’s Dad had the opportunity to invest in Netflix. He did invest but he pulled his investment back thinking itwasn't going to hit like red box did at that moment. He couldofbeen worth around 33MIL

I had the opportunity to invest in bitcoin right before it wenthuge & I still kick myself every day.

My dad missed out on a big opportunity. His friend asked him if he wanted to partner with him in his new fertilizer company and he passed and his friend made millions. But it actually worked out because his friend ended up losing the company in a huge scandal and lost everything!

Many years ago, Jeff Bezos came to my uncle's parents for a $5000 investment into his little book company and they passed it up

I had a chance to buy 1200 Bitcoin for $200 when they first came out but I thought it was a joke

I feel for that Apple employee because I was contacted by Apple to supply with computer parts for them. But I decided to do a contract withibmthathey later decided to pull back on the contract. Apple moved on.

My dad likes to remind us every time we pass through Las Vegas, that my great grandpa had the opportunity to buy a big chunk of the strip for cheapbefore anything was there and passed on it

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