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TEXT TOPIC: Did you find LOVE in a strange way?

our strange love is we were set up on a blind date as a joke because we could not speak each other's language turns out we were meant to be

my dad was transferring to Nellie Air Force base from Colorado when his Uhaul broke down in Mesquite, NV and he sat down at my moms poker table at the old Oasis. Then he chased her for a year before she''d date him

My husband and I actually met in a psych ward (THE UNI) of all places. We were both in dark depressions and had gotten to pretty low points in our lives. We met in a group in the hospital and instantly connected. Our rooms were right next to each other. We literally got discharged on the same day and have been inseparable ever since. This month we celebrated two years of marriage. If you''re depressed, remember, it DOES get better.

met my husband through a dating site. He was here in SLC for a job and just looking for ppl to hangout with while he was in town. After the job was done he decided to stay and be with me and my kids. We have been married for 5 years.

one of my very best friends for 30+ years. Had no idea he felt the same. We both felt the other was out of our league. Most amazing relationship I've ever had.

Our moms have been best friends since high school, so they were thrilled when they found out they were pregnant at the same time. They were due the EXACT same day, but I ended up beating Steven by 3 weeks. Growing up, my mom would always tell me about her best friend s son, but all I knew was that we lived weirdly parallel lives. During Senior year, Adam called me one day and asked me to go to prom with him. We have been best friends ever since. Married for 5 years.

went to high school with my bf, but we didn''t get together until 11 years later when I moved back to Utah and he hit me up on FB. I wish we had spent all this time together!

have a friend's bro who met his wife on a karaoke app and she lives in Spain. They've been together for three years now!

When we were 5 years old, we were forced to walk down the aisle together as the ring bearer and flower girl in a family/ friend''s wedding. We didn''t reconnect until we were both in high school and I went to hear Adrian preach for a youth service at his church. We started dating shortly after that and got engaged in November of 2014.

Met my husband by doing his supervised visitation with his child. Ex is nuts we have custody of child 10+ years.

my hubby & I met through friends who were going to breed their boa constrictors. We have been together 15 yrs..married for 10!

started a new job, a coworker I only knew for a few wks wanted me to meet a friend. After 3 months I finally agreed. Went on a blind date. Now we''remarried!

My roommate met her husband at a lot to pick up their cars that had been towed to the same place. They chatted and ran into each other a few weeks later at a movie and got each other''s phone numbers

met my husband at a bar on Halloween, We were both in full costume. Nervous to see what he look like without his makeup on. We''ve now been together 24 years

i was we separated from my ex so I am now divorced from. Friend introduced us to have him check out my son for a sport. now he's the love of my life.

I was on a texting app, text version of tinder. Talked to a guy in Canada and he mentioned he had a bio bro livening in slc. I asked for his # prankcalled him. We met up and fell hard & fast. Married 15 years 9/10!

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