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TEXT TOPIC: Did you hit something when you were leaning how to drive?

I almost took out my uncle's porch because I pressed the gas instead of the brake

hit a cat during my drivers ED class.

parents driveway is lined by a long hedge. I took out the last three bushes learning to back up. I still suck at backing up. Drives my hubby nuts.


multiple curbs while Learning how to drive.

rammed my car into another car in the church parking lot during a car wash for girls camp

on the way home from getting her license, my friend ran over a homeless man. He survived

When I was learning to drive, didn''t even have my license yet. I was driving to work with my dad when I saw my friend walking across the street, so I rolled down the window and yelled out to him, and as I was doing that, I smashed right into a lamp post with one of the concrete bases

my sister on the other hand crashed my dad''s new red truck into the neighbors yard through their fence and ruined their trailer. Bad day

hit my moms car pulling into the driveway . Scrape all the way down the side.

pulling into the school parking lot and I hit a parked Truck. It was a rusty old beater and you couldn''t even tell which damage was from me because it was so beat up so I left. Found out it was a teachers car and i was on camera I got charged with a hit-and-run

fence! Backed into my friends fence and drove off

backed into an ambulance at a high school football game. Nobody saw, no damage. Ended up just re-parking and walking away.

I was Driving on Chevy blazer which was a 6 shift I had to back out of our steep driveway. We had a rock retaining wall at the end of the driveway and I drove off the rock wall in reverse

Grew up in Louisiana, a kid I knew hit a car parking at the end of driving test and still got his license!!

Hit a deer

I backed into my brothers motorcycle, my mom wanted him to get rid of it anyway lol

took my moms car to HS shop class to change the oil, scraped the ENTIRE side of her car backing it out to go home! Luckily she was dating my teacher and he smoothed it over

Took out my grandparents garage door driving with my older sister. I still blame her.

When I was 17, (no license). I wrecked my mom''s brand new 2003 Mitsubishi Lancer, 3 weeks off the lot. I rear ended a car on state. It was the first snow fall of the year. $4500 worth of damage. 3months later after it was fixed I reversed into a light poster in a Smith''s parking lot!

got nervous and hit the gas. Hit a tree in our yard, totaled the car, and the tree ended up dying. I''m now known as the tree killer.

Just yesterday my 15-year-old son decides to hit the gas instead of the break and runs our van up over a concrete barrier. Had he gone another 2 feet he would''ve went over a wall about 10 foot down.

pulling out of the parking space I decided to go forward because the space in front of mewas empty. I didn''t realize there was one of those little concrete barriers in front of me and somehow managed to get the car high centered. Needless to say, my mom drove home.

My son wanted to pull the car in the garage. Right when we put it in Drive he floored it LIKE I TOLD HIM NOT TO. Crashed into the garage wall breaking the drywall but fortunately not breaking the brick

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