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TEXT TOPIC: What are you willing to admit?

all admit that I just found out that my girl of 6.5 years was cheating on me and I'll also admit that I forgave her

hate living with my in-law. My sister in-law is a princess. Can't wait to get out.

want to admit that I''m starting to have feelings for a coworker. We started out as FWB but I can see us being more..... It''s a new job so I''m a little unsure

I'll admit I work to pay credit card debt. I feel ashamed, I don't pay one household bill, but I spend way out of my means.

I admit it's so tempting to just quit my job, pack up my car and just runaway to start a new life. Some days I fantasize about doing it like Gma did.

i admit I miss my exwife. She is with a great guy and would never jeopardize her happiness again....but man did I lose out on a great woman

I'm willing to admit that It's not just a headache... you touching me makes my skin crawl . I don't like you anymore

I'm willing to admit I'm shallow when it comes to dating men. They can't be in worst shape than me. Needless to say, I'll never find anyone.

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