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TEXT TOPIC: Do you wish you could have a "Do Over" in life?

do over ... I would have not taken him back after the breakup and would have said no to marriage

Highschool and my marriage

I would never get married to the ex if I had to do it over again, he continues to be my biggest nightmare.

My anxiety as a kid kept me from staying in competitive sports even though I loved playing them. I wish I could go back and stick with it all. I think it would have really changed the course of life and my physical health for the better.

my wedding my mom controlled it all. Even the date. I would rather just have eloped on the day we wanted than the wedding we got

if I could change anything I would be kinder and more patience with everything I do. Being mean to anyone is my biggest regret

I wish I left the church sooner so I could have been with a crush instead of my spouse

I would do college again and different. I would have taken one of the partial soccer scholarships and gone out of state instead of no soccer and staying in Utah

I would not have cheated on my husband a few years ago. He forgave me but it still hurts

I wouldn''t have waiting so long to get gastric surgery. The best decision I''ve ever made. But I feel like I''m playing catch-up on life and the things I missed out on. Proud to say I am the fittest I''ve ever been, and it feels gr8.

i wish i would have told him how I felt instead of worrying about messing up our friendship. He''s married and I''m going through a divorce but he''ll always be my maybe

I would like to go back in time and redo my first marriage, pay attention and give care to my now ex wife instead of chasing the dollar at a job I dont even have anymore... but now that I think of it, I also wouldn''t change anything. Because it taught me appreciation and loss which made me a better version of me today!

I wish I would've gone to college right after high school and tested for secret service. I'll always regret not being an agent.

I would go back to the year 1996 and stop my daughters uncle from touching her for 5 years i feel so guilty!

if i could go back I would believed my ex when she told me that my dreams were not important to her. I should have believed in myself and gone for it

First job right out of High School, was in the NY stock exchange. I was given a lot of advise on company stock options, and life in general. But, i chose to not take the job serious and do the club scene and party. Im paying for it at 44.

I would do my wedding day over. I was young and spent most of the time dancing and partying instead of enjoying the food and mingling with those that went out of there way to attend

wish I would have dated my best guy friend after high school. We catch up every once in a great while and those "feelings" creep in - both married so it''s tough having lingering feelings of "what if''s" 13 years later

Been more confident and gone to law school. Knowing I was good enough.

I wouldn't have seemed out my birth mom. The moment we connected she wanted to claim my family as her own. Sorry lady, it doesn't work that way.

i wish i would have walked away from my soon to be ex. I love my children but he put me through hell mentally for 12 years cheating on me and hurting my self esteem

I would have put my kids first I'm through divorce, maybe not even got divorced at all. I'm now seeing the ripple effect and they are now hurting their kids

I wish my x husband and I had not decided to move from the home we were in in 2000-2001. I think it would have made significant changes that would have changed the outcome of the marriage.

I wouldn''t have taken the first pain pill I did when I knew I was looking to numb. It sent me down a very black hole for a long time. Sober now for 9years come 25 September

I was 17 and I hid my entire pregnancy until 2 weeks before the baby was born From my parents my friends and even the father it was the most stressful thing I''ve ever done

the day of the earthquake my coworker kept emailing me to talk and I was stressed out, busy and dismissive. She passed away unexpectedly the next day

I would go a different artist for my huge side tattoo. It's horrible and I feel so self conscious in a bathing suit.

wish i dealt with my childhood trauma sooner. 46 years is a long time to wait.

would never marry my spouse. We are not compatible and he is not supportive. My children are my life so I can thank him for that

I'd go back to my teen years and not been such a little bitch to my sweetest mom!!! She is the best and forgives me but I don't forgive myself.

would've waited til my parents made it 2 my grandparents house instead of leavin cuz maybe then I could've prevented my grandpa falling n passing away l8r

wouldn't have divorced my ex-husband

If I could have a do over I wouldn''t have married my ex, for many reasons. The biggest is she wasn''t supportive of my dreams. I didn''t pursue my dream career because she didn''t want to meet to. Kids, don''t be with anybody that doesn''t support your dreams.

Being a better Mom!!! More playtime, more parks, more doing the little things!! I would especially redo the last 10 years when everything in my family with my children started falling apart!!

I wish I didn't date as much in high school, different girl every year. My wife dated 2 guys and married both of them. She still hold that over me

Been more helpful when my mom was sick, and not such a bratty teenager. She''s been gone for 13 years and I live with the regret every day

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