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TEXT TOPIC: Did someone pull a gun on you?

Went to a birthday party went on all night. I got tired and went to sleep in my friends car. I got woken up by someone punching me and I couldn’t do anything cause the gun was pointed at my head

I pulled the gun, I had my youngest sister and my 7 year old niece with me,I got a flat on the middle of nowhere, felt safer with it out than put away

When my son was 18 in holiday he was buying pot. These guys came in to rob the pot dealer, my son mouthed off they stuck a gun in his mouth yikes

Worked for DHL years ago. They gave out new RED puffy jackets during the winter. 1 day I covered for a sick driver and went to Rose Park. Gang members didn’t like my color and brandished a gun while approaching. I just walked past and kept delivering. They were kids! Teens!

me and my husband were walking back to our car and I was walking a little ahead a guy said something really dirty to me and my husband told him to apologize they ended up fist fighting and the guys friend pulled a shot gun out and pointed it at me and my husband!

I’m female & had a guy with road rage, which was unjustified, flash a gun at me at a light in Sandy about 1 month ago. He was in the rt. turn lane just in front of me, but he wouldn’t turn even with cars behind him. He just stared at me thru his side mirror & then flashed his handgun at me by semi hanging it out the window. I held up my phone & pointed to his license plate. He then left. I called the cops, but they didn''t seem interested in the info. Unbelievable! People cray, cray right now!

My husband was going to work about 2am and stopped by a convenient store to get a soda and 3 armed men came in with guns pointed at himself and clerk telling us to get down. Place got robbed. The clerk was hit in the face with the gun but he and my Husband got out fine, Amen, they were caught about 5hours later.

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