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TEXT TOPIC: Who doubted you, then they ended up loving what you suggested?

My hubby refused to get massages, said it just wouldn't be for him. Got him to get one... now he's obsessed!

my daughter fought me about carrying extra soccer gear with her. She saved her teammates twice in a week

my ex fought me on the rom-com going the distance but was laughing so hard he was in tears during the movie!

My eight yr old "hates" old movies. I showed him Newsies and Swiss Family Robinson and now he asks me if we can find more movies from my childhood LOL

when wife and I fir you r got together I bought a car had some crash damage for 250 wife gave me shiz now she wishes we still had that car

fought my wife about Cafe Rio, I really didn't want to try it. Now I love that restaurant.

My husband hates SUV's (and driving). We just bought a crossover and now we fight who gets to drive it.

the tv show Hell's Kitchen! It's my favorite and my husband bought me for years on watching it with my but now he liked it as much as I do

My boyfriend and i both sleep hot. At my house i have a top sheet & comforter but at his house he only has a comforter. So when we get hot, we kick off the comforter & FREEZE! He fought me on getting a top sheet, but finally gave in & now he says he''s never slept better cuz you still have a little coverage when you get hot!

my favorite movie was the breakfast club growing up. Ran into it at Best Buy in one of those bargain bins. Two years ago. Tried to convince my wife to watch it for our movie night....a year I think it sat in plastic wrap. Finally got her to watch it....that''s right "she loooooved it!"

I fight my husband on everything. Movies, food, music, clothes... You name it I fight him on it but I always end up liking it. Honestly he has really good taste but I''ll never admit it to him

Recently I started watching Fox''s Masked Singer Season 3. I started showing my boyfriend clips of it and at first he made fun of it saying it was strange and weird. Now he asks me when we can watch it next and waits for me so I can watch it with him. He''s always trying to guess which celebrity is under that mask and gets really into it commenting on their performances

cousin refused to read Harry Potter books said movie would be better. Finally read it despite everyone telling him you'd like it. He loved it

i am in one with my kids coach. Have been for 3 years now. We both has so much in common so our friendship just grew stronger over time and now we are madly in love. He is married but hasn''t been happy for over 7 years until about a year an half ago he told me he was in love with me and wanted to be with me. I went through a rougher divorce and he helped me through!

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