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TEXT TOPIC: Are you having an Emotional Affair?

my hubby accused me of having a "work husband" because I flirt with one of my co-workers. I didn't even realize I was doing it.

Had emotional affair w/married male friend (I'm female). Knew what I was doing, didn't care; 4 yrs, he was Army, stationed in KS, & deployed on/off in Iraq.

my ex-wife had an emotional affair Via facebook messenger and text for 1.5 years. Eventually met with the guy, turned physical. We are divorced and they are getting married.

I wasn't the one in an emotional affair, but after you described it. I think was the other guy that someone I knew was having an emotional affair with.

You are describing the last 2 years of my marriage. I hit rocky point in my life and my than husband didnt support me and claimed I was being bitchy. You are describing him to a "T". Fast forward now...... we are getting a divorce and he is now living with that person.

had several emotional affairs on my now ex-wife. On many ways they can be worse than a sexual affair.

was in an emotional affair 5 years ago that almost destroyed my marriage. Husband checked my phone one day on a vacation and confronted me. Bad memories of that vacation. Took us a lot of time to work through but we are better now for it

had an emotional affair that of course turned physical. I think the emotional part is more of a betrayal. If you''re not your mates good morning/ out

my ex was talking to an ex behind my back and she would tell him what she didn''t like about our marriage. He then became more involved because she couldn''t stop talking to him

separated from husband, started dating new guy but had an "emotional affair" with my husband, he was my still my bff. we talked abt problems, dreams, sex, more babies, our future. He died a yr ago & I''ve been so lost without our talks

caught my wife in an emotional affair with one of my closest friends. When I found t text messages I text him for help, not knowing he was the other guy.

i had both emotional and sexual affairs on my now X wife. I am not really happy in my current marriage....but I won''t go through that again and learned to keep boundaries in my friendships

my ex husband had an emotional affair with one of his employees. We ended up getting a divorce. She was married as well, they worked it out. My ex is now remarried to someone who also cheated. I wish them well. Still trying to learn to trust again.

was in an emotional affair, for about 6 months 7 years ago. It ended when my boyfriend found out. I realized why I was in the emotional affair and was able to end it. The boyfriend is now my husband and now we''ve been happily married for 6 years.

had one for a year. Almost got physical. I confronted him that I cheated when I wanted to leave my husband.

Sure! It was two years ago now. Me and my husband have been going to therapy. I'm to the point now I can say I really do love him--My husband. The other guy is married. Oops. I don't talk or see the other guy anymore since I confronted my husband.

I was in an emotional affair with a coworker during a time where I was being abused by my then ex boyfriend who is now an ex husband. It started off with them explaining I wasn''t being treated right and I shouldn''t have to put up with all of that and how " if I was their girl" would be treated better. That still isn''t a valid excuse :( it was definitely an escape from my awful reality. I wasn''t brave enough to break it off and be alone.

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