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TEXT TOPIC: What is on your anti-bucket list?

I have no desire whatsoever to meet the president

No desire to bungee jump! Why would I want to be a human rubber band! I already have back problems.

you'll never catch me going to Vegas, the two worst things- heat and crowds. My nightmare!

have no desire to go on a cruise. The ocean freaks me out, especially deep ocean water.

No desire to hike Angels Landing in Zions. I am terrified of heights and would pass out just looking at it.

have no desire to scuba dive... creatures in the ocean freak me out

A lot of my friends want to go to Burning Man. 10 days of tent camping in the hot dusty Nevada desert. Hard pass for me.

have no desire to watch a Disney movie. Never seen one, didn't grow up with them and don't care to see one. Very unpopular opinion ha ha

have no desire to do any drugs. There are people who just want to experience doing drugs, nope not me!

have no desire for a threesome. Too many expectations.

have no desire to hold a snake or a spider.

have no desire to go to New York for New Years eve, too many people!!!

have no desire to ever travel to Asia. Travel yes. Asia no

an item on my anti-bucket list is floating down a river on a tube or a raft

do not ever want to do the Catapult ride at Lagoon. I just envision the bungee cords breaking and being thrown into the air and never coming back to the ground.

Swim with sharks, skydive, any extreme sport

get drunk. I've never had a drop of alcohol and the idea of drinking that much is of no interest to me

have no desire to get married or have kids. #antibucketlist

no desire to cave dive

have no desire to EVER go to Alaska... Yes y'all I understand its pretty I'll look at photos. I despise snow and cold

anything to do with snakes. Came across a rattler on a trail last summer and I haven''t really been on a hike since.. I hate that this fear is so deep and controlling

No desire to be sniffed by Biden

I will NEVER bungee jump, sky dive, or get a tattoo. I'm terrified of heights and needles. There are some beautiful tattoos out there, just not for me.

no desire to hike Everest.

have no desire to have a sugar daddy. I get that suggestion ALL the time! Didn't realize it was still a thing.

never ever scuba dive nor snorkel. I can swim but I fear ocean depths and sharks and stuff. Eeeefffff that, I ain''t what scuba snorkel party.

will never scuba dive. I'm severely claustrophobic and that sounds like death. Pass.

NEVER want to go camping

go to China!!!!

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