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TEXT TOPIC: What happened during the uncomfortable wedding speech?

hubby's best man speech was mortifying he tried but he kept saying the word profound in the wrong way. stumbled through seemed like 15 min long

I was at a wedding last year and the grooms little sister got up, acting drunk, definitely pregnant, and said: I always thought you were gay. But seriously. No. I really did. Congrats. I love you. She didn t have anything to follow that up.

The toast went like this at a wedding I went to a couple years ago...."I don t even know why you made me your best man. I know Im your brother but we dont even get along and your wife hates me."

My Uncle at My cousin’s wedding (Bride''s Dad) described her as the ugly duckling of the family. He got booed.

my coworker invited me to his sister''s wedding. The best man speech was super awkward. They had an open bar and the best man was slightly drunk. He mentioned in his speech that he had slept with the bride a couple times weeks ago..

my co worker is the only brother of the bride he and the groom go up took the mic away from the best man. Kicked him out and the bride had walked off crying. I man I wish I hadn''t lost my old phone I had recorded most of it. Scandalous.

I was the maid of honor in a wedding for a girl I BARELY MET! So naturally, I got myself a little too intoxicated to make it through the night. I had no idea I was supposed to speak, until someone handed me the mic! >&< &@ it was a complete disaster and I humiliated myself (from what I remember) I literally had nothing to say about this girl, since we hadn''t really known each other......good news, they''re not married anymore!

It wasn't a speech but when the best man did a toast it was to Dean and Terrie...Terrie is my husband's ex-wife.

bride''s dad was great and spoke about how blessed they are to have a new son, how much they appreciated their new son in law, etc. groom''s dad gets up and rambles on and on about how great his son is.. doesn''t say one thing regarding the bride. ''Twas awkward and so braggy.

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