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TEXT TOPIC: What stupid thing did you as a teen?

16 driving to Vegas by myself going 110 the whole way cop coming north saw me put his lights on turned around. I pulled off the exit hoping he''d keep going. He caught me $500 fine. Got to Vegas in 4 hours

my brother was in a car with friends when the friend driving was getting pulled over and decided to run, bro yelled at him to stop, when he did they all got out and ran on foot except my bro who waiting for the cops and didn''t get in trouble

My little sister hit a car in my parents explorer when she was 16. She then fled the scene and drove home because she was scared. Cop showed up at the doorstep. I was so glad it was her in trouble instead of me. Phew!

In OK for summer vacation and me and my cousin threw a pack of firecrackers under a cop car (my aunt lived on man made lake had their own police). They got out and started chasing us. We ran down to the docks and got in the water and hid under the walkways of one of the boat docks. The water was known to have water moccasins in them. All in all we were in the water for 45 minutes until they gave up looking for us

Going to the gas station. Really tinted windows and speaker system Didnt see or hear the cop behind me Pulled in and hoped out and got thrown to the ground

driving friends home after a youth Halloween party. Joking around, I turned off the headlights. 3 seconds later, police lights! He walked up to the car, looked at us (in costumes) and busted up laughing. He let us go w/a warning. Whew!

18yrs old friend was 17 he was giving me a ride home from work in his new 3000GT. At a stop light trying to show off started roasting tires. Car next to use was UC police car. Tried to pull is over friend said he had drugs & wasn''t stopping. High speed chase until 33rd freeway. He threw drugs out while driving. Stopped at freeway rush hour lights. I got out laid down. Cops caught up finally... as passenger I went to jail his mom got to take him home.

So his mom got to take him home I went to jail. Was charged with felony fleeing, possession of his drugs since he threwout the window charged us both. At jail I went to Max. 23/1 lock down. Was a Friday so I stayed in jail until the following Wednesday. Try the DA failedto file. Never heard about it again. But b it was crap! I was y driving, I didn''t run and the drugs weren''t mine. I think DA know I would easily beat the charges!

me and my cousins used to do beer runs at 711, we wasn''t old enough to buy beer at that time. So soon as we ran out the store there was cop we both looked at each other wide eyed jumped in the car took off and lost him

was driving through Willard on highway 89 with a co-worker i had carpooled with, when i sped by 2 cops siting and chatting. Got freaked out sped up even more cause i saw them coming after me, hurried past a small hill and turned into a drive way when both cops pulled up after me. they were like whyyou running? i didn''t want a ticket

suburban full of 16 yo messing in Ogden cemetery. Cop hiding in there so we took off and he chased us. Tried to hide in a parking lot but got caught.We said we thought he was our friends and he let us go!

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