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TEXT TOPIC: Something surprising about you!

People are shocked when I tell them that I have a dirt bike and I was going to go into motocross racing but got hurt. I’m a girly girl and love getting dressed up but not scared to put my helmet on and go race.

People would be surprised if they found out I had an abortion at 17. Already had a 2yr old, now a 30 yr old mom of 2, church goer, happily Married,

I'm gay and have been married for 4 years to my husband. I'm a trucker in the valley and nobody knows outside of friends and family. It could end my career

Something people would be surprised to know about me is I ride BMX. I’m a 21 year old, sweet, regular girl in a male dominated action sport and people never see it coming, if they don’t know me.

A lot of individuals when they find out I have two tattoos are totally shocked I'm a clean-cut nice kind of a guy and they would not even suspect it.

That I’m a trust fund baby, how I’m able to afford my life style designer bags, shoes, vacations on. But no one has connected the dots. My coworker asked once how I could afford that with my "simple job" I’m a simple person.

People would be surprise to know that I am not a good husband and father. I come across as a great person and it doesn't translate at home unfortunately.

Most people don't know I use to smoke and drink. They just see a church going guy. But I'm from the dark side

I am obsessed with the reality show SURVIVOR. I've seen every episode of all 40 seasons at least 5 times. I want to be on someday.

My big secret... I stripped for about 6 months right out of high school. Now Im a church going mom of 5. Don’t tell my neighbors.

I'm a Mormon mom, and LOVE to read trashy, vampire books! Ooh la la! Sexy vampires are my jam! Lol

From a young age I have been fascinated by hookers and as a young girl I would make my dad drive down 200 south where they used to walk the streets just to look at them.

I work as a physician assistant in northern Utah. I also paint soccer fields when in season in fact I''m doing that now while listening to you. I never had a soccer bone in my body but it was something that my family took part in and I''ve always done it for the past eight years.

I'm what some would call your stereotypical joke/gym rat but growing up I was in musicals and show choir I still love theater and musicals

I am 26 years old, I am a happy go lucky person, I lost my mom to lung cancer when I was 16, and had lost my dad when I was 4, kind of went from friends house to friends house for a year and the last 6 months of high school ended up living with my sister. A lot of people don’t know that and if it comes up in conversation, they are super surprised because of the person I am today.

No one would know I'm a millionaire. I work like a normal person, have a normal car, normal house and I do have cc debt. I'm 39 year old single mom.

i''m a big burly beard and bald scruffy looking guy, and in high school I did musicals and actually a very good singer but nobody would know that based on my appearance

So by the way I look most people think I’m hard, muscles, tattoos, beard..... I love Celine Dion! =

I have a criminal record & I've experimented with girls. I’m a woman.

I'm a 37-year-old woman, raised LDS (no longer am), apparently I come across as "innocent", because people are always shocked when they find out I'm bisexual.

Friends would never guess that when I was going to university in London that I made money by being a video cover model. I’d pose for whatever movie, then they’d swap my head with the actor. Paid 180 pounds / hr. not bad when you’re 17! Lol

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