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TEXT TOPIC: Did your spouse throw away something without your permission?

my husband threw my sons security blanket away. It fell out of the car onto the garage floor and it was pretty raggedy. It still hurts my heart

still had t-shirts with my ex husband''s business logo on them when I married my current husband. They were comfy and I would wear them to bed. One day they were all gone.

Hubby is notorious for throwing important documents/unpaid bills away. I told him if he''s going to continue sorting papers he needs to put them in a designated spot for me to go through, not throw them away. One day I found both our kids social security cards in the designated spot. (Garbage in his mind) learning experience for sure! I appreciate his help so much so I hate to complain but he overlooks so match because he hates clutter!

my mother''s 2nd husband and my older brother. I had my special blanket from birth and it was pink, beautiful, and silky. By the time I was 6 or so it was gray and falling apart but I still couldn''t sleep (or live) without it. One night they came into my room and stole it and threw it away. Never told me for very long time. I thought I lost it and my world was a mess for a while after that. Jerks.

when I was first married to my (now ex) husband, I want thru all his old photos and disposed of all the photos that had his ex-wife in them. She was a beast! And... I was mad at him for being a d-bag husband. It would have been sweet revenge, but he never even noticed! Ahhh!

I always do the clean out/up in garage but my husband did it last fall/winter I''m almost positive he threw away my sandals come this summer I went to put them on, I CANT FIND THEM ANYWHERE!

husband had a cd of his ex when she did boudoir photos shoot. I found it recently and threw it away. with the boudoir photo shoot....his ex passed away 6 years ago.

my ex bf threw away sneakers of mine he thought were "ugly" I loved them! And they were my yard work shoes. Still mad lol

threw away his high school porn box. He still thinks he left it at our old house.... sucka!

My husband was cleaning out our storage shed and threw away pictures from my childhood, my sons willow figure and brand new high heals.

In early 70s my mom gave away my dads US NAVY peacoat. 20 yrs of his service. she admits feels bad she did that

threw away a heinous bright yellow tshirt of my husband''s. I tried to hide it in the closet at first but he kept finding it, so it went in the trash and I don''t feel bad about all.

I am a completed minimalist and I don''t understand getting attached to "things". I purge everything. When I am done or over it I toss it. Unless it''sa card or something it goes. So whenever I am cleaning the house I grab 2 or 3 things of my husbands and toss it. He NEVER EVEN NOTICES. It has to be done ha ha

my husbands ex wife was a little crazy and a little jealous. Before they were married my husbands mother was working and had a feeling to go home, she went home to find my husbands ex downstairs starting to burn his journals from his mission because he wrote about the girl he was dating when he left on his mission.

threw away my husband gel cooling pillow. I was pregnant and couldn't stand the smell of it. He was pissed I threw out his $150 pillow.

we were moving into my sister in laws basement to save $. So, my hubby decided to get rid of all of our daughters baby things, (high chair, stroller, baby clothes, toys, bouncy seat, and Walker)

had just taken my daughter to a marvel movie and was so excited to finally show her a rare and complete comic book collection. When we got home tol ook for them, we couldn''t find them. Turned out that my NOW ex wife threw away/sold the entire collection for $60 worth thousands. This was years ago,and it still brings a tear to my eye haha

My mom donated a huge weighted blanket of my dads 20 years ago. He got it in Korea while in the Air Force. He's still bitter. It was the best blanket!!

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