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TEXT TOPIC: What do you want to admit?

Something to admit. I had an emotional affair 3 years ago and the guilt still kills, don't feel good enough for my hubby even though he forgave me

I have to admit, my boyfriend and I say the word "Pika" like the Pokémon Pikachu at random times. Somehow, we are able to tell the emotions of each other by just saying "Pika". The reason for this is because the first trip we took together we watched Detective Pikachu. After that, he called me his little Pikachu since I can make my voice sound like one. Golly if anyone else knew that, I’d be made fun of but it''s fun to have a code word to see how each other are doing.

I have a secret Twitter that doesn't have my name into it With quite a few followers LOL I complain about my fiancé I complain about my job.

I admit I don't love my husband anymore. I'm staying for the financial stability. I've been moving things out little by little & saving to leave.

I'm Willing to admit that everyone I know and love was right .. DO NOT MARRY THIS MAN!! My marriage is a HUGE MISTAKE

I secretly check out men's "package" when I'm out.

Admit topic, When I was younger and I went to the bathroom downstairs, I refused to flush or wipe because I was scared a demon was going to eat me.

I will admit that i think about leaving my husband. He hates his job and comes home angry every day. He hates that I make more money than him and he does nothing but complain.

ADMIT TOPIC: My husband and I meow songs together.

I'll admit that I pluck my eyebrows and then I leave the hairs on the wall! Not on the counter or in the sink.

I’m willing to admit I enjoy picking my nose. Blowing it just doesn’t cut it sometimes and being able to grab the dry booger out and examining it and the sensation of breathing better is just so satisfying.

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