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TEXT TOPIC: How did you stupidly injure yourself?

Stupid injury I cut my leg shaving because I was in a hurry and the razor turned and made a huge slash from the bottom of my butt to the back of my knee

When I was younger I was tired in the shower shaving my armpits and accidentally shaved off part of my nipple..

I was getting off the train at the zoo & hit my head on the metal overhang on the top of the train ....sat down for a min and tried getting out again and hit my head in the same spot again..

When I was 7 I was playing with our family dog and running around. I ran into the music room where my dad was playing the piano, tripped on a dog toy and when face first into the piano keys. My dad started freaking out and called my mom over. She thought he had just slammed on the piano keys but no,I was on the floor with my head cracked open to the point we could almost see bone. That was an interesting day

I stepped off the porch and only caught the edge of the sidewalk. Had to throw myself the other direction so I didn’t fall and my daughter in my arms and broke my ankle in the process.

I broke my wrist trying to catch a pitch while I was batting, broke my nose tubing on the lake and had a bottle rocket shot in my eye, all in the span of three months fml

Stupid Injury playing basketball doing crossovers and lighting people from the 3 point line. All was good until I was leaving the gym I slipped on water someone had spilled fell and broke my wrist. After looking good, I left like a bum all injured.

My sister in laws sister started a new job at one of the big Lehi tech companies that has glass walls and she ran into one and broke her nose. Maybe traditional offices are better. >7< &@

I was reaching into the bottom bathroom drawer to grab a new tube of toothpaste. My husband had his straight razor up and my finger went right into it. About and inch in length of my finger top layer skin just came right off. I screamed and my husband came in and said "well why would you stick your hand in my drawer" i burst into tears and we got in a fight while i sat bleeding. Funny now but not then.

When my wife and I were doing our engagement photos, the photographer wanted me to pick her up and kiss her, I threw my back out so bad I couldn’t work for 2 weeks and had to walk with a cane

2 weeks ago pulled my back putting lotion on my damn foot. Couldn't walk for 3 days. Ugh!

I threw out my putting on my underwear. Was out of work for a week. Then went to Disneyland the next week.

At a haunted house too off running and looked back I ran into a tree and it knocked me out

My wife got a 3rd degree burn on the top of her butt crack from weeding the garden she was in pain for like 2wks

Broke my arm tripping over my dog

I was drunk one night and forgot to put on an oven mit when I stuck my hand in the oven to pull out pizza rolls

Jess you aren't alone! I've cut myself opening a cereal box!

Stupid injury: mixing cookie dough with a hand mixer. Plugged in the mixer and then while inserting the beaters I accidentally turned the mixer on.The beaters started spinning with 2 of my fingers tangled in the beaters. Broke my finger. So embarrassing to tell the dr what happened.

Crazy injury: my name is Kim. A friend had put a full size steel (Star Trek The Next Generation) Klingon B''tleth on top of singe cabinets & boxes inmy storage. I didn''t realize that it was there, & was getting into some of the stuff in my storage shed, when it fell & it caught my shirt on my stomach, cutting my stomach. I still have a scar about 2-3" long.

Camping with family and didn''t remove pressure from pressurized water container before removing the lid. The lid (softball sized) flew off going 782mph and hit my eye. Eye swelled shut and bruised immediately. Looked like rocky balboa for a week.

Just like in the cartoons i stepped on a shovel and the handle came up and hit me in the head. I had a nice bruise on the side of my face

I had a muscle cramp & I went to sit on the toilet. I passed out on the way down. Landed on face. My front tooth went through both lips. Needed stitches

Gave myself whiplash my sneezing. I was on frontrunner and didn’t want to sneeze on everyone so I turned my head to quietly sneeze and then all of a sudden my body when straight as a board and I couldn’t move my entire body for a good 15 minutes. Worst pain ever.

In sixth grade I tripped on my shoelaces and broke my arm

Broken left knee, broken right ankle, sprained right wrist & stitches n left elbow All 4 appendages effected I was walking daughters=6Dog went 1 way I went the other way

I was cleaning my house, and I was dancing, I pulled a muscle in my back it took 2 weeks to recover.

I severely sprained my ankle dunking a basketball on my 5-year-old on a 8 ft hoop. I was in a boot for 6 weeks!

Met my quota early, celebrating with my manager being stupid and broke my arm jumping over a table. Had to hide it from HR for four weeks. My wife that night, "Are we still going to dinner?"

Earthquakes have always been my biggest fear and when the one hit in Utah a couple months ago I completely panicked. I was upstairs and my children were downstairs I ran down the hall, leaped over the balcony onto the main floor and fell chest first on a sofa (I was aiming for the sofa thinking it would pad my fall). I have no idea why I thought that was a good idea because the fall was about 18 ft. I was able to get to my children and get them under the kitchen table safely before the earthquake stopped. But I did end up having extreme soreness from the whiplash for about 3 days, I broke my foot, bruised my face, and had a hematoma on my leg. I''m all good now and it''s a funny story to tell today.

When I got really high my friend made a burrito for me had the munchies so bad couldn''t wait took a bite 3rd degree burn on the roof of my mouth. Couldn''t eat for 2 weeks!

Being dork in cosmetology school, doing small leaps 2 get 2 other side of room. Sprained ankle so severely was in brace for months. Ankle never been same.

Shot myself in the finger last night with a Brad nailer. Attached myself To a piece of baseboard because I was mad the Naylor stopped shooting nails

I was walking up Fort Union with a friend and tripped over a crack and face planted it.

I was brazing copper refrigerant lines. I kneeled down and the hot end of the brazing rod went right into my lip. It made a nice sizzling sound, I had a blister for weeks. The wife refused to kiss me haha

I have a secret Twitter that doesn't have my name into it With quite a few followers LOL I complain about my fianc I complain about my job.

My bf accidentally dropped a heavy cooler on my foot, opening weekend at lagoon. I had to use a scooter for 12 weeks. It took all summer to get out of boots and shoes!

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