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TEXT TOPIC: You own something expensive and you never use it!

$4,000 pool table gets played with less than I do. Which isn't much.

I bought a $4000 leather jacket and then paid $1000 to put it in a shadow box. All I do is look at it

My husband had to have a stereo system for our side by side, but we don't use it, because the machine is so loud, and you can't hear it.

A Tag Haier watch. $3000

Same wife also had to have a Kirby vacuum and she hired a maid... who brings a $50 Walmart vacuum

My friend had a Covid test last week and had her results in 15 minutes. New test that Copper view Medical in SJ offers.

Bought a 28ft bumper pull trailer for $24k and used it once! We’re too spontaneous to own a trailer that takes time to get ready. Actually just sold it yesterday.

My husband and I take turns saving up and buying a high ticket item. I don't use most of what I've bought, dash cam is an example of one.. oops

My wife's breast augmentation was super expensive and I never get to use those things.

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