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TEXT TOPIC: Whad do you need to be passive aggressive about?

Thanks for making me jump through hoops for a "big raise" and giving me a penny!

Over your pity parties. None of your kids, including your husband is falling for them. I asked my husband if he knew what a narcissist was, and he said yeah, my mom.

No amount of filler/Botox or half naked Instagram pictures, will make people actually like you.

Instead of making me feel like crap and say that you need to fix you, just say you found someone else.

Hey school district. where's the PPE, sanitizer, soap you promised. School starts next week and... nothing!

Hey guy at the drive up. No need to honk to get me to move... there is a car there

Dear protesters outside the high school this morning: get a life. My son is returning to school because we made a conscious decision about what’s best. Most teachers want to be in school teaching. You do your thing but why are you fighting our thing?

it’s pretty sad that you have to resort to doing porn to support my grandbabies instead of giving custody to their dad that can support them. What is that teaching the girls about respecting themselves. But I guess when you only charge $12.99 you aren't worth much.

Just because you’re in reverse in a parking lot doesn’t mean I have to stop so you can get out. I don’t want your spot, so stop giving me those stank eyes.

I appreciate that you picked up your dog’s poop from the hiking trail. However, leaving the bag of poop next to the trail is even WORSE!!! A -HOLES!

People red means stop... not speed up or that "as long as your quick" go. It means stop. Green means go, and if you’re in my way be prepared to be honked at.

I have a big issue with people who have dogs and think it's okay for your dog to butt rush me every day! It''s not ok for your dog to run up on people! Keep them leashed if you can't control them!!

To my Neighbor that has no control over their cats if they keep pooping in my front yard, I'm putting raccoon traps out and giving them to better homes

don't talk OUT LOUD in public about issues you know NOTHING about because you think you know everything it makes you sound like a freaking idiot.

I always find out honey. From UR friends. Ur not fooling anyone & they love me but only tolerate you. Ur a liar & karma's going to bite u hard soon.

People stay in your own Damn lanes and brush your dogs!

Enough is enough. Your kid needs to stop crying her way onto rosters. If she cries for and gets playing time expect a verbal rage like you've not heard before

Stop making me beg to see our son! You used to brag about how great of a dad I was to your kids as well and now that I don’t want to be married to you, I’m a horrible father. SMDH!!

Hey Mom, Dad & adult bro are essential & you spend Sundays w/special needs bro who lives in group home, but you’re scared of virus? Makes no sense.

To My husband’s ex-wife who talks to their kids about things that are meant to be between adults. Who is jealous as hell because he’s moved on...? Who does everything she can to make her kids hate their very own loving father? Your kids hide the fact that they text or talk to me or their own father because they know you want them to hate us. You can’t see how bad you are hurting the kids! Instead you blame us. We only try to love them and have great memories with them. We''ve never said anything negative to them about you even though there is so much to say! You only care about things and money- you get that every month on time and have since day 1. You don''t know how lucky you are. You cheated and lied and had your children lie and cover for you. You asked for the divorce. So, move on already

I hate it when customers ask if we are out of something will you check in the back? Oh my god I have never thought of that let me do that.

Dear my other mother, I'm done with your emotional abuse and you acting the victim whenever nothing goes your way. Ill be waiting for an apology this time.

Everyone stop coming at us who CAN'T wear a mask due to a medical condition. If your mask works than wear it, and mind your business!

You filed for divorce don't send me love songs

You ready to talk about divorce yet?? The inevitable

quit asking us when we are going to have a baby. We are trying but it hasn’t been that damn easy for us. Mind your damn business and wait for the baby announcement quietly.

To the homewrecker that ruined my life, karma will get your nasty ass! You may have won him, but you'll never be a real woman. You disrespectful selfish hoe.

You say you love me but won't answer my calls or spend time with me. I'm a fool for ever believing a word you said. Go eff yourself!!!

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