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TEXT TOPIC: How much do you have in savings?

7k. All for a baby.

I am 36 years old and we have $30,000 in savings. It may not sound like much for my age, but this past year we have gone from about zero in savings up to 30,000 which we are really excited about. Progress is progress right? Feeling grateful

just over $1,000. School drained my savings.

$6k in savings

Single female- Savings balance isn''t very impressive at the moment $5,350.00.. all of my OT goes onto savings..not going up and has to use a little thanks to Covid.

I am a single mom of 2 I own my own home, working my butt off! I have a $11K in my savings. Nothing but gratitude & feeling blessed.

We had 600 in savings account.. just transferred it to checking for bills.. we have $1k hidden.. out of sight out of mind

About 25k Zero credit card or car debt. We just refinanced our home down to a 20 year! Feels so good!

well we had just over $2000 in our savings, but we used it to pay on our credit card so we can get ready for a credit pull for our home we are building. It''s bittersweet, because I like seeing it in the bank, but I also like seeing my credit score increase.

we're both in our early 30's and have 30k in savings

we have about 40k in saving if we combine. We have 3 savings. We each have our own and one joint.

About 10K in cash and gold. It''s a nice feeling because never have I been able to save at this level.

$600k in the bank. $50k cash in my safe at home. You never know when you might need it.

got 90G in 401k. But saving? Zero. I make 90G per year, just really big spender and husband doesn't bring in anything

Late thirties early forties everyone thinks we just get by, just hit 4.2 million in savings

30 yrs old. $30k in savings plus retirement accounts - we also have debt in the form of a car payment, home equity and mortgage.

Roughly 10k in savings

36 years old. $8,000 between checking and savings. $140,000 in 401k/roth retirement. $200k in home equity. And will recieve a pension of $100k at retirement. Imma be Oprah rich!!

Female in her 50s. Have about $15,000 in savings.

Single mom - 4600$ No debt and going back to school in the fall. School is paid for

love you guys. I am a single mom I have 38,000 in savings. Need to look for a house. No credit card debt.

have $25 in savings. 50 years old. Married 20 plus years and neither one of us can save

Nearly 72K, refinanced our house, paid off some cc debt, put a big chunk down on a new car last year. Finally not freaking out about $, which has been a major stress reliever since covid shut my industry down completely for 3 months. If covid happened 3 years ago, we would''ve gone bankrupt.

Im 19 years old and unfortunately I have less that $100 in savings. I had over $3000 but between recently moving out of my parents and being in between jobs, my savings has gone down significantly. I''m lucky to be out of debt and working to save up again. Hoping to eventually have money to go places again one day lol

Single dad w $3000 in savings.

30k in savings. In our 30's with 5 kids. 100k in retirement and 150 in equity

35,000 savings. Over 1 mil for retirement

My father has over 130,000 in savings. I'm the only person that knows because I handle his finances. He has 8 children.

21,000 in savings 10,000 cash 10,000 in gold my house is paid off im 43 and I'm a single father

I''m 34yr single male. My pneumonia last year wiped out my savings after 4 months in the hospital w/o insurance. Finally paid that off in March Annenote have 4K in savings of which I am adding 1k a month consistently trying to rebuild.

$60,000 in savings. I cut grass for a living

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